Friday, 1 April 2011


We've all had it at sometime.
Today was the turn of my oldest son. First of all it was ' I didn't sleep very well', then a little while later it was 'I have a headache'. After that it was ' I keep shaking' and when all else failed it was ' I don't think I've ever been this ill before'!

That was before I reminded him of his Flu at Christmas, which he was ill for about 2 weeks with several of those days spent in bed sleeping. Then I gave him what I considered to be helpful solutions, you know the common sense stuff that obviously only women know....

Try and eat some breakfast and have a drink....
Have some paracetamol in case you have a cold coming on...
Take some throat lozenges to school in case you develop a sore throat...

All of which were met by serious disdain as though I had just made him walk in some dog poo!!

I don't have very much patience with malingerers as you can tell. I've had ME for the past 2 years were a good day for me is feeling like I have Flu without the head cold and a bad day is spent in bed for hours on end unable to put one foot in front of the other. Throw in the constant muscle pain that is there everyday without fail and you get start to get the picture.All dealt with through gritted teeth and lovely pain relief.

So I decided to pull out the big guns and go for a bit of bribery.
'Well if you really don't feel well when you get home from school you will have to miss your youth club tonight'
The look on his face said it all............' I might feel better by then mum' was the reply.

I bloody knew it .....FRIDAY-ITIS!

MAN UP...............................maybe not quite the right phrase needed here.


  1. Son 9 nearly 10 said today he had headache,body ache, blocked up. He missed last Friday too!! The only problem was that he was sent home from school yesterday with temp of 39. But I've noticed he often missed Fridays. Fridayitis of course!!!

  2. So glad I'm not alone with this one LOL


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