Friday, 22 April 2011

Guilty as charged ....with Blog neglect!

This week has just flown past in the blink of an eye, or so it seemed.

Without real intention I haven't paid much attention to my blog this week, which I promised myself when I started it wouldn't happen.

However life this week has just completely taken over.

It all started when my eldest son turned 13!!! on Saturday. We had a day that consisted of a  birthday breakfast, golf, a trip to Bluewater laptop shopping, dinner out at Ed's Diner and then home for cake! To be honest with you I haven't really got over the shock of it yet. My little baby a teenager already.

Then on Monday he had a friend come round to play and they all went swimming including my youngest and his friend, with pick ups and drop offs then the above mentioned friend ended up back at ours for tea before dropping him home on my way to play rehearsals with my youngest.

Tuesday was spend initially with a trip to a dance studio in Fulham for an audition for a part in Matilda ( that was for A not me!) Where he managed to leave his bag on the tube and we listened intently to the news for any bomb disposal alerts. He was there for 3 hours but unfortunately was not what they were looking for. A trip home then packed him up for a sleepover at a friends house before picking up C's friend who was sleeping over at ours. Not before taking the 2 older ones to Bluewater for an organised Warhammer game ( don't ask).

Wednesday C's friend stayed all day so popped them down to swimming pool, picking up another on the way before collecting my youngest and delivering home. Pick up at swimming pool and dropping all friends home. Tea then straight over to play rehearsals again!

Thursday had C going to a friends for the day whilst my youngest helped with the tedious job of food shopping!! Then picked up C and when straight to shops to replace the PE kit he had lost a few weeks before at school........................including trainers...........Aaaaarrrrrgggghhhhh!

And today we have spent a fab day in Whitstable for a picnic lunch on the beach and a mooch around the great little shops there. Then on to Herne Bay for a walk along the pier with an ice cream, a play on the beach and then fish and chips before coming home!!!!!

Kids are now in bed and my sunburn is now a fantastic glowing red!! But well worth it.

But where are the pics of all this???????????
They are still on my new camera that for some reason will not load onto my very, very old frustrating, bloody thing.

So for now you will have to take my word for it

And I promise not to neglect my blog for so long next time  xx

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