Saturday, 28 May 2011

Really? You saw someone Famous?

Help me out here....Please!

My 10 yr old son went on a school trip to Chessington on Friday. The whole school went and it is a huge event for the school to organise and undertake. Last year they went to Legoland and it was a great success. My son has a great rapport with his teacher and the TA's in his class and he is considered a real 'character' ( I've worked out that means cheeky but charming enough to get away with it).

So off they went not to return until around 7pm that night. I knew a few of the parent helpers so had been given a few updates along the way, and knew he was having a great time.

So collection time came and off I went to wait with everyone at the school for their return. When I turned up there seemed to be a bit of a buzz about something that I couldn't quite work out what had happened. So when my son turned up he was so excited to tell me they had seen a famous person there!!!

Wow, I've got to admit at that time I was a bit gutted I hadn't gone with them.
' Who was it I asked eagerly?'

'Peter Andre' came the very excited reply along with the story of how he had been spotted, what he was wearing and that he had not only his kids with him but a camera crew as well ( obviously for his reality show).
 Actually I was informed that a few of the mum helpers had actually been more excited than their children!!!

Now this is where I need help.

Yes, I appreciate that it must have been great to see someone off the telly, but really.....FAMOUS??? would that be the right term to use?

Maybe it's just me but my knees didn't go weak and I wasn't all that impressed. I mean, say the word famous to me and I automatically think of iconic film stars, the Hollywood jet set and the like.

Don't get me wrong, I bet he's a really nice guy and it's great to hear that he was out having a day with his kids too, so definitely brownie points there. But not really quite enough to make my 40 year old gob to revert to it's infancy and start babbling and drooling.

I may not be conventional in my taste but say you mentioned Keifer Sutherland, for instance, not only strikingly gorgeous and a great actor but come on, as 24 fans would know what that man can fit into 24hrs without so much of a cuppa or a whiff of 'man flu' is no ones business!!!!

Another would be Gerard Butler, a real man's man, rugged and can still pull off the 'sandals and loin cloth' complete with dodgy beard and look handsome!!! YUM

Jack Nicholson in  his younger years, 'The Postman Always Rings Twice'.....................ENOUGH SAID.

Now those people are what I call 'famous' and gorgeous and would definitely have me babbling, incoherent and drooling ( and probably carried off in a straight jacket for my own protection and theirs!).

So, is it just me or do I need to get out more?????

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

'A Bad Parent'

That's what I was told by my 10yr old me on Friday evening.

And why??

We had made the decision to cancel him going on his Cub camp!!

Ok, harsh I can hear you all say and maybe it was, it certainly wasn't an easy decision to carry through as my husband is a parent/helper and was going ( still went actually) to the camp also!!

HARSH.........yes you said it earlier.

However, this 10yr old has the tendency to rule the household. He is dominating, loud and controlling. Recently he has had a lot of things come his way giving him great opportunities and fun times. In the meantime his older brother has been pushed from pillar to post to accommodate all the goings on, none of which have been to his benefit. This time the attitude progressively got worse over the last week and so we had a few words and warned him that if it continued he would not be allowed to go to camp.

Now I'm sure I'm not the only parent who has threatened these things and then at the last minute backed down. So tell me what does that teach children?

I'm sick of constantly not following through with things that I have said just because I don't want my boys to miss out. WELL NOT THIS TIME!

So on Friday we did it. We said he wouldn' be going to camp and we stuck with it. To which my 10yr old replied ' you are a bad parent'.................straight to the heart!!!!

This decision was made extra difficult as he came out of school sporting a gift bag which had a 'Star of the Week' trophy for something he did while on his 3 day school trip!!

This is the problem, he is a real Jackal and Hyde character. When he is behaving he is just a great fun boy to have around and can be so generous and helpful, however when he is not behaving he can make life in the house a real struggle.

All weekend he would not let it show that he had missed going on camp until today when he mentioned the school trip to Chessington,due to take place on Friday. It was at that point he decided to apologise for his behaviour and what he said, probably more to do with him thinking that he might not be able to go on that either!!!!

Then came the chat about the fact that we all do things wrong occasionally ( except me of course, that goes without saying) but it takes a better person to apologise.

So hopefully following through with the decision had some impact. Maybe he will take the warning next time knowing that as parents we can make the harsh decisions. Hopefully we haven't scarred him for life!!!!

SO TELL ME...........AM I A BAD PARENT????

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

What do you mean there's no tooth fairy!!!

I love all the sneaky mystery behind things like the 'Tooth Fairy' ,'Santa' 'Birthdays', and even the ' Mum will kiss it and make it better'!!!!!

But my boys are older now, one a tween and one a teen!!! (Surely I can't be old enough)

Now although my oldest now knows there is no 'Father Christmas' or 'Tooth Fairy' he plays the game, not for him you understand but for me!! There comes a point when they no longer need these things but they become increasingly more important to you. ( I think it has something to do with DENIAL of my children getting older)

However, my youngest is not so helpful to his mothers cause. We have never as parents sat our boys down and blatantly told them that these wonderful people don't exist, they just find out by questioning what happens and putting logical thinking into place ( I mean, 1 man able to visit every child's house in 1 night and leave a gift!!! GET REAL they barely remember to get our gifts let alone anything else.....Xmas dinner, their parents pressies........NEED I GO ON?)

Anyway, I digress, My youngest will just do his best to get you to admit that all these things come from you.........Well I refuse to do it.

He lost a tooth 2 days ago and decided to put it in a small envelope with a message on it that read......

'Dear Tooth Fairy

Please may I have an extra £1 so I can afford to buy the Walkie Talkies that I want.'


1st of all, I have never risen the price of a tooth with the years or the inflation and don't intend to start now.

2nd of all, I know this reverse psychology crap as I have used it for years to get them to think that doing the things they don't want to do was their idea in the first place.

3rd Don't play me at my own game, and don't try and kid a kidder.........I have been there, seen it and done it, with the T shirt for proof!!!

Now with that said I truly think he's a chip of the old block and will go a long way. As the saying goes in my house when they try to have me over but fail miserably.........

10 out of 10 for trying!!! ( positive parenting and all that ) LOL

Friday, 13 May 2011

Kreative Blog Award!

                         Kreative Blog Award

I just noticed a day or two ago that the very lovely had awarded me  the Kreative Blog Award.
However, (and don't laugh) was late finding it due to my very limited knowledge of Twitter!! It was on @mentions...............Yes you can stop laughing now.

So apologies to workinglondonmummy for my complete technophobia!!!

Anyway, on with the business:

1. Link to 10 blogs

2. Tell blogger's about the word

3. Share 10 facts about yourself

So here goes with the facts:

1 I was a Qualified Driving instructor before stopping work.

2 I have never smoked.

3 I would have liked to have had a 3rd child.

4 I'm a secret Dolly Parton fan, apologies!! Anyway not so secret anymore.

5 I love to cook.

6 I still miss my Dad everyday, who died almost 9 years ago.

7 I need would love to have a tummy tuck!

8 I have M.E, diagnosed around 2 years ago, that affects my everyday life, makes me angry and mourn for the life I had.

9 I would love to be back at work and miss my job.

10 I would love to write a book, even better a bestseller!!

So now the blogs I'm going to nominate, not quite 10 but the others I wanted to nominate already had been, so her goes:

These are all fantastic blogs to read, and all individual in style so definitely worth a look and a follow.
Please check them all out.

Thank you :)

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

3 day reprieve for good behaviour

Today my youngest headed off to school early, just so excited to be going on his 3 day School trip. Although he has been away camping before with cubs my OH has always gone with him. This time he was given the choice if he wanted one of us to volunteer to help on the trip.

'No offence' came the reply ' but I want to go and enjoy myself'!!! Says it all really.

So after a hectic day yesterday ( see previous post)we started to gather his kit together on the bed, checking it off the kit list as he went. He's actually very organised for a 10 year old. At the same time he;s very picky and so we had disagreements over the towel he took, how many pairs of shoes/boots were actually needed, the necessity for spare clothes and the fact he would actually have to change his pants!!

Eventually we mutually agreed that the stuff you can see on the bed would suffice.

Surprisingly he slept well but was up at the crack of dawn washed, dressed, had breakfast and brought his bags downstairs. Wonders will never cease and I will remind him of his quickness next week when he suffers from 'sticky mattress' syndrome.

He wheeled his own bag to school and sorted himself out with what he had been told to do by the teachers........I was shocked at the fact he can actually, when he wants to, do what he is told.

We all waited for them to start getting on the coach and I was pleasantly surprised that not only did he look in my direction, but I got a wave too. Even more surprised when he waved and blew me a kiss from inside the coach!!!! He does love us after all.

Then they were away.......3 days......not returning until Friday school constant arguing with his answering music blaring at full tormenting.......and no watching the behind the scenes of Titanic for 100th time!!

BLISS.....................but still miss him, now I know I must be mad.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

What a day!!!

Today got off to a normal start, kids off to school and me back to bed for a while ( due to cubs/scouts last night, my M.E body cannot cope).

OH woke me up later in the morning and when I was sorted I had list of things to get from shops, and packing to do as my youngest is going away on a 3 day school trip tomorrow!!!

However, that was as normal as it got. My phone rang and it was the Agency my youngest belongs to, asking me to sort paperwork for a 'Performance licence' for an audition and call back for an advert campaign!! This would be the one we thought wouldn't go ahead as we hadn't heard anything from last Wednesday!!! How wrong can you be.

So armed with all the paperwork, forms and letters from both school and Doctor I headed of to my local council offices to get the licence in process.

I was met by the most unfriendly, rude, jobsworth going!!!

' School letter won't do'! was the answer I got.
'When is it?' was the next question to which I didn't have an answer ( I know it will be possibly over sat/ Sun or Mon but not definite on which day). would have thought that I had just asked her to donate a kidney!!!!!!!

'I can't do nothing until I know the date. The agency should know by now!! Bloody useless' ....I was gobsmacked and believe me it takes a lot to shut me up!!

I offered to call the agency to which the reply was ' I haven't got time for that do you know how backed up I am with all of these'!!

Then she went to wander off.............' Excuse you want me to actually try and get another letter from the school or shall I not bother?' I said on the brink of thumping her, although I know violence isn't the answer, it would have made me feel better for sure.

So she relented and gave me her email as I offered to try and email a copy to her......I know too nice.

Off I went to the school and explained what I needed which was met by......' it won't be ready until tomorrow'. A 3 line letter to approve time off school when I already have a cover letter with overall permission from the school. So after a bit of pleading and explaining that the 'dragon' would need it today or she would have great delight turning down his application!!!

Eventually I had it and emailed it to you think I heard anything back????

DID I HELL......

In between times I'm getting calls to say he will have to go for a fitting in London on Friday after his trip and filming in Clacton with an overnight stop!!!!!

My god if after all this he doesn't get it I will need a large bottle of ice cold wine just to take the edge off the insanity!!!

In fact I don't think I can wait until then...........................what time is too early????

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Terrorist Zero Tolerance Zone....

I'm not talking about the recent Bin Laden death, possibly not dead, conspiracy theory type thing...........NO I'm dealing with a terrorist more close to home!

Tilly the Terrorist ( as she has become known by the neighbours).

Please do not be fooled by the cuteness ( I know it's hard but stay focused here), she terrorises the neighbours 4 guinea pigs! She stalks and chases next door's 2 cats from their own garden so she can sun herself on their 'sun drenched' doorstep! She stalks the poor unsuspecting tortoise in the next door neighbours garden ( other side) and I often hear it scrabbling along the fence trying to hide in a safe place. The garden next to that has actually removed their bird table as she was eating all the bread they left out, while all the time we were feeling sorry for her as she wasn't eating her own food very well!!!!!


We have brought in our own 'Zero Tolerance' Anti Terrorist Squad......

This came in the form of my brother's cute but lunatic dog called Scully!!!!

She arrived Thursday ( as my mum and brother came to stay so they could see my youngest in his play) and Tilly scarpered never to be seen for the rest of the day.

She either retreated upstairs and wouldn't even come down for food or she disappeared outside and would not come back to the garden!!!!

Which only reinforces the old saying, which I firmly believe in.........


Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Break a leg........

That's what the 'luvvies' say in the theatre world isn't it?

Well for the last few months my youngest has been rehearsing for a local play ( 3 times a week) due to open tomorrow night until Saturday. It's the story of CS Lewis ( Narnia man) in his later years, when he meets and marries and American lady ( who dies in the end.........sorry to ruin it!) My son plays her son ' Douglas' ( complete with American accent).

This is his first 'proper' role in a full play not children based etc. He has done really well to fit in and be around adults without messing about too much. They all think he's funny, charming, adorable ( but what do they know!!!!), and love him to bits.

Tonight we had the last dress rehearsal before opening tomorrow, and as far as I can see he is not nervous at all. I think I will be more nervous for them all by the time the curtain goes up!!!

I  never really understood how much goes into putting on a production like this, and totally have a new found admiration for the people that not only act in the play but also all those who help in the back round ( costumes, set design, props, backstage organisation etc etc). I will never look mockingly at amateur dramatics societies again!!

I take my hat off to my 10 year old son who seems to take it all in his stride, but seems to pull off this acting malarkey very well. I think I would rather stick hot pins in my eyes than to put myself in front of an audience and try to 'entertain' them.

Not stopping at that, he has also received a call back from an audition he attended last week for an advertisement, which he has to attend in London tomorrow before his 'opening' night!!!!

I truly don't know how he does it, for me it's enough to bring on an episode of IBS!!!!!! (Yes I know too much information).

Anyway good luck to them all..........and break a leg! ( just not literally.......please)  

Monday, 2 May 2011

Today is.................



I thought I would join in with this from Dairy of a frugal family and share my day. I'm on my lovely son's laptop which doesn't have access to my pictures so will have to do without as far too lazy to go and do this post from upstairs!!!

Our last day off school and normal routine, like many others I'm sure, was started off with a lay in!! Lovely it was too. Then we decided that because the sun was shining we would go to Shorne Park, Kent for the afternoon. I love it there.

What we didn't bank on was the gale force wind that went with the sunshine making it feel like sub zero temperatures!!!
Not to be put off we took the beach tent and managed to pitch it and all huddle inside to eat our picnic. We did manage to find a slightly shaded spot so it did actually feel warm in the tent area but step outside and you needed to be anchored down!!

Still we stuck it out and the boys enjoyed it and hopefully they are well worn out for a decent night's sleep before school and normal  routine tomorrow.