Monday, 4 April 2011

Best friends forever??

My best friend is a lady I met around 13 years ago, when she interviewed me for a job and she would be my boss. From the day I started the job we became good mates, we always strived to have a good giggle every day at work as it was quite a stressful environment.

I became pregnant with my eldest son, who she is now godmother to. After I had my second son I gave up work, due mainly to the fact my then part time wages didn't cover the childcare fees!! She then fell pregnant with twins and also made the decision to give up work to be a stay at home mum. From that point we practically lived in each others pockets, never a cross word between us. She would come with the kids for a sleepover and end up staying for days. I'm sure my husband often wondered if he was the grand master of some Harem he hadn't realised he had created!!

When the kids all started school we were then restricted to getting together on weekends only were we would always drink far too much and stay up chatting until the early hours of the morning ( not a great idea when you have four kids up early the next morning), however that was sometimes the fun of it.

Now though with the kids all part of different clubs and my friend now separated from her partner things have changed in the fact we only see each other every 2 or 3 months. We don't talk on the phone but we do text several times over the week. But surprisingly when we get together as we did this weekend, it's as though we are still living in each others pockets. The kids all have a blast together as it's almost novelty factor, and we still drink far too much, gossip till there is no oxygen left and my OH is asleep on the sofa ( designated driver). So in fact no change at all. It's like putting on your favourite jumper or slippers and just feeling at home.

So even when the kids have flown the nest, I still think we will be drinking far too much and talking until there is no oxygen left, and my hubby will be still kipping on the sofa!! I just hope when she meets the right partner for her that he is a truly understanding man, as he won't get a word in and will have to assume the sleeping position on the other side of the sofa to my OH!!!


  1. you have to love best friends.. it like you pick up right where you left off.. everyone needs one!!!!!

  2. I agree with never miss a beat with each other...except my best friend doesn't have kiddos, in fact she just got married, whereas i've been married nearly 9 years...
    so we r practically in different life stages, but besties nonetheless.
    keep sharing and keep writing!

  3. so right about friends, that is the beauty of true friendships.

  4. What a lovely post. Friendships like that are so rare - hang on to her!

  5. Thanks guys, our aim is to grow old disgracefully with an ambition to be thrown out of WI for entering M&S cakes into their baking competitions and giggling at the guest speakers from the back!!! Well thats what we agree when we are drunk :)


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