Saturday, 9 April 2011

Barbeque or bust!

The sun is shining and after sitting in the garden and listening to the lawnmower's making gardens presentable and kids playing out in the back park, BLISS.

At last my hubby has uncovered and cleaned the garden furniture so we can sit outside comfortable instead of cramped alond the back door step!! Then unfortunately he had to go off to work ( believe me he was not impressed) but he managed to grab the BBQ out of the shed before he went, loving his priorities.

As the boys and I were chilling out in the sun we decided probably a great day for a BBQ. Ok Dad would miss out but I though the boys would love a go at cooking their own tea!!! They love doing things like that at Scouts and Cubs so they jumped at the chance. So up we got and toddled of to the shops to buy the last packet of manky rolls ( wholemeal to their disgust) and some burgers.

Great, all sorted. so we got back and went into full force uncovering the BBQ and get it all sorted. That was when we discovered the copious amounts of Penicillin growing both on the coals and the grill itself!!!!! Guess who was obviously really lazy last year and shoved it away without cleaning???

'Just give it a wash' was their problem.
'Are you will take nothing short of a bloody jet wash at the garage to get that clean!'  was my response. Although I did leave out the expletives obviously.

All is not lost.........................we have a George Foreman grill!!
Although not quite the same I can add the required amount  burnt bits and grass to make it authentic!!

And who said I wasn't  a 'Be prepared' girl scout.....


  1. AAAhhh...Mum...that's what heat and stomach acids are for. You shoulda went for it.
    Trust me, we leave our grill utensils outside after every BBQ, which means they are outside year round. The dogs come by afterwards and lick all of the ooowy gooey stuff off and the occasional pollen spore lands on them, but a quick rense with the hose and tada!!! like new.

  2. I did contemplate it for a minute but didn't want to explain t0 OH why we all had food poisoning!!!!


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