Sunday, 10 April 2011

It's official Summertime!

How do I know this I hear you ask?

Well today I managed to get my packed away from last year summer clothes out of hiding. I know it's disgraceful that I don't live in a big enough house to have an all year round walk in wardrobe..........the shame.

Also I didn't trust the weather to actually last as it has , I was playing clever so I didn't get caught out and be left freezing with only flip flops to wear. Believe me once they are packed away it's not easy to get to them back.

So my winter warmers have gone into hibernation for now and the 3/4 lengths are out!!
However I wasn't banking on my expanding waistband making them a bit of a squeeze to get into ( muffin tops are definitely more noticeable). This is not good news as I have already been tempted by the Easter choc's in the shops already and we have't made it to the Easter weekend yet.

Dilemma is:
Give up chocolate...............................are you f**king kidding me???????????
Or excercise....................with ME ( thats not lovely ME myself and I time pampering bits of body, that would be the medical ME -don't ask me to spell it just call it Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, it's easier) pretty much out of the question at the moment.

Guess it's option number 3.
A few charity clothes bags have come through the door this week so most of it will end up there!!
Not fun clothes shopping on a budget............but I can't resist the chocolate, it keeps me from the edge of insanity. Here's hoping my OH likes muffin tops in a range of designs!!!


  1. Nothing wrong with a bit of waistband pokage. I've found my t-shirts are getting longer with age. Chocolate so much more important. Good to find your blog!

  2. Thanks for popping over. Longer T-shirts could be a solution as can't see me giving up chocolate any day soon!! x

  3. Ha ha! Well no I'm with you, absolutely no way you can give up chocolate which leaves you with shoehorning yourself into Spanx underwear - it feels like being squashed in a vise but gives a lovely silhouette!

  4. Typical looking at the weather this week I've made a bad choice!!!! Oh well more chocolate should help keep me warm.

  5. Lol, the joy of summer for those not a size 0. I may have a solution for you though. You say you love chocolate..... how about laxative chocolates??? Hehe. You would get your chocolate fix and also possibly lose a few pounds too. :-) I put it to those boffins in the lab to devise a weight loss chocolate. Think of the money to be made.
    Fingers crossed the nice weather comes back.

  6. You could definitely be onto something long as it tastes as good as Galaxy!!


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