Friday, 29 April 2011

Billy No Mates

Ok this should be a big moment in history right?

A huge royal wedding with all the pomp and ceremony. I'm loving every minute watching it from the comfort of my own home. I only live a 30minute train ride away from central London and embarrassingly never went up for it ( after taking my youngest to London late yesterday for an audition last minute so my M.E body does not recover that quickly so going today was not an option).

I have 2 boys that I'm trying to get involved and explain the sense of history being made here and at least they should watch it for that reason.........but no!!!

I have one on his DS supposedly watching as well (I think not) and one upstairs watching The Goonies!!!! (yes Great film but surely there's a time and place)

So I'm billy no mates watching on my own..............................I need girls I think!!

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Surprise Surprise.

I generally hate surprises. It's the control freak inside me that makes me hate them really. If I don't know what's going on I tend to break out in a clod sweat and interrogate everyone around me! Just ask my OH when he actually managed to get me on a surprise trip to Venice for my birthday last year..............believe me when I say he's definitely not the most organised of men!!

But he did pull it off.

Yesterday I was rubbing my hands together in delight knowing that both my boys were back to school and that I could sleep off the exhaustion of the Easter hols ( that went beyond normal levels of M.E exhaustion). I know what a bad mother!

As I returned from the school run and got into bed my phone rang and I didn't answer it thinking it was something trivial. Then it went again and it was my husband telling me my older brother was on his way from Heathrow to my house as he missed his connecting flight. This would be the brother I haven't seen since last year at a family funeral and then at least 2 years before that, as he lives in USA.

So up I got and cleared up a little in preparation. Then soon after I picked him up at the train station.

So although I knew nothing of it initially it was a great day. A nice pub lunch and then chilling in the garden with a yummy dinner to follow. The boys had a great time catching up with him and his stories of their cousins that they don't get to see.

Then at 6am he went to get his flight. So surprises can be good.........................occasionally!

Here's to the next one, maybe....

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Bargain buys and 'bustin low' !!

 I'm not normally a person who gets a great bargain with things. Today I had to trawl the shops to find an old style pair of PJ's for my son to wear in his production next week. You know the sort, your grandad would wear them if he had to go into hospital. I could not find a pair anywhere and so ended up in the charity shops. I still had no luck with the PJ's but found a complete bargain for my older son, who loves books and X files at the moment!!

 All these ( 3 hardback and 3 paperback) for a grand total of £2.90 !!!!!
And believe me he is a happy bunny today reading through these after school.

CONCLUSION: I might just be popping into the charity shops more often.

My youngest though does not start back to school until tomorrow so he came to the shops with me, mainly as a bag carrier, but he found a pair of boxer shorts that he really wanted, Top Gear no less! Even they were a great bargain at £3, so I decided to treat him as he was being so helpful with the bag and above mentioned book carrying!!

He was so chuffed as tomorrow is PE day and he will be able to be 'bustin low' with his new boxer's!!
 What the hell is that I hear you cry!! Well apparently that would be showing the top of your underwear with your trousers hanging low...................Bloody hell the thought of my scabby pants showing to anyone is enough to bring on an anxiety attack for me, but he tells me it's the fashion!!!!!!

By the way he's only 10......................what on earth is he going to be like as a teenager!! My intro venous wine is ready and waiting LOL

Saturday, 23 April 2011

A Triple Whammy day

1st of all Happy st Georges day. Although I'm Irish my hubby is English along with my 2 boys. We were trying to work out what typical English music to play and food to eat??? There is no way I'm contemplating a roast dinner in this heat!!

2nd of all it's my 17th wedding anniversary today ( I know I would have got less time for murder). So Happy Anniversary to my lovely ( but long suffering) hubby, you put up with a lot!!!
And a big thank you for my gorgeous 17 white roses.

3rd it would have been my dad's birthday today, he died in August 2002.

At the time when we were sorting dates to get married the 23rd was one of them and we thought it would be very fitting, getting married to an Englishman on St Georges Day and my Dad giving me away at the wedding on his birthday. So we went for it to make the day more special.
However, after he died the day has never been the same. Although being married for 17 years should really be something to celebrate, it's hard to be happy on a day that will be forever tinged with sadness. Although it will be 9 years this August when he died, and time should be a great healer, I feel it like it happened yesterday. I have never since the day he died watched my wedding video again. I can look at him still pictures but not on video, even to this day.

So today will be a mixture of things and normally I wouldn't bother going out or doing anything special. But this year we are at some friends for dinner and so I am forced to be sociable whether I feel like it or not. Roll on the glasses of chilled rose wine ........

Friday, 22 April 2011

Guilty as charged ....with Blog neglect!

This week has just flown past in the blink of an eye, or so it seemed.

Without real intention I haven't paid much attention to my blog this week, which I promised myself when I started it wouldn't happen.

However life this week has just completely taken over.

It all started when my eldest son turned 13!!! on Saturday. We had a day that consisted of a  birthday breakfast, golf, a trip to Bluewater laptop shopping, dinner out at Ed's Diner and then home for cake! To be honest with you I haven't really got over the shock of it yet. My little baby a teenager already.

Then on Monday he had a friend come round to play and they all went swimming including my youngest and his friend, with pick ups and drop offs then the above mentioned friend ended up back at ours for tea before dropping him home on my way to play rehearsals with my youngest.

Tuesday was spend initially with a trip to a dance studio in Fulham for an audition for a part in Matilda ( that was for A not me!) Where he managed to leave his bag on the tube and we listened intently to the news for any bomb disposal alerts. He was there for 3 hours but unfortunately was not what they were looking for. A trip home then packed him up for a sleepover at a friends house before picking up C's friend who was sleeping over at ours. Not before taking the 2 older ones to Bluewater for an organised Warhammer game ( don't ask).

Wednesday C's friend stayed all day so popped them down to swimming pool, picking up another on the way before collecting my youngest and delivering home. Pick up at swimming pool and dropping all friends home. Tea then straight over to play rehearsals again!

Thursday had C going to a friends for the day whilst my youngest helped with the tedious job of food shopping!! Then picked up C and when straight to shops to replace the PE kit he had lost a few weeks before at school........................including trainers...........Aaaaarrrrrgggghhhhh!

And today we have spent a fab day in Whitstable for a picnic lunch on the beach and a mooch around the great little shops there. Then on to Herne Bay for a walk along the pier with an ice cream, a play on the beach and then fish and chips before coming home!!!!!

Kids are now in bed and my sunburn is now a fantastic glowing red!! But well worth it.

But where are the pics of all this???????????
They are still on my new camera that for some reason will not load onto my very, very old frustrating, bloody thing.

So for now you will have to take my word for it

And I promise not to neglect my blog for so long next time  xx

Monday, 18 April 2011

Tagged for Qand A's

I was recently tagged by the very lovely to answer a selection of questions from The Guardian weekend magazine.

Not sure honesty is always the best policy but here goes...................

Which living person do I most admire and why?
Anyone who looks death in the face and survives eg: cancer survivors

When were you happiest?
Without knowing it at the time, probably when I was a kid with no responsibilities.
As an adult probably when I started going out with my now husband.

When was your most embarrassing moment?
Oh I've had far too many to list but one of them would be when I went into hospital in labour with my 1st baby and still being a bit shy of putting my bits and bobs on show. Until the midwife said to me ' Well love if you want to have this baby the knickers need to come off'!!!!!!!

Where would you like to live?
By the sea.

What is your favourite smell?
Anything vanilla or the smell of hot chocolate, I never think it tastes as good as it smells.

Who would play you in a film of your life?
Kate Winslet would be great or someone just as glamorous but knowing my luck it would be Kathy Burke!!

What is your favourite book?
In Cold Blood  which I read for A level English many moons ago.

What is your most unappealing habit?
None of course.................I'm sure I'm perfect!

What would be your fancy dress costume of choice?
Wonder Woman!!!

What is your earliest memory?
Not sure of this one but have vague recollection of going for 'sleep time' in school nursery on little mini beds!!!!!

What is your guiltiest pleasure?
Listening to Steve Wright in the afternoon on Radio 2!!

What do you owe your parents?
Everything and a fortune!

To whom would you most like to say sorry?
To my husband for lots and lots of things.

What or who is the greatest love of your life?
My hubby and my children.

What does love feel like?

Which words or phrases do you overuse?
'Bizarre' 'isn't it' and 'unlucky ducky'---don't ask!

What is the worst job you've ever done?
Cleaning toilets other people have used ( when on ablution duty in Forces training)!!!!

If you could edit your past what would you change?
I would have made the phone call to my Dad that I put off, because I was in a rush to get out with the boys, the day he died.

What is the closest you have come to death?
Not my own, but seeing my dad for the 1st time in hospital after he had died!!

What is your greatest achievement?
Having 2 healthy boys.

When did you last cry?
Don't very often so cannot remember when I last did.

How do you relax?
By having a long lay in undisturbed and quiet!

What single thing would most improve your life?
Not having M.E

What is the most important lesson life has taught you?
Try to enjoy each day if you can as you never know whats around the corner. Easier said than done but worth trying.

So there it is as honest as I can. And now my turn to tag a few others to have a go

All great blogs and worth a read if you haven't already found them.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Chocks away....................Destination Duxford!

What a great day out. If you haven't been there and live close enough it's well worth it.
This is where we went yesterday and would have posted yesterday had I not needed to go straight to bed when I got home.These are the days that I am very thank full for having 2 boys and no girls (although girls will enjoy it too). My 2 love running around looking at the biggest 'boys toys' that you can get.

As both my OH and myself are ex forces ( Royal Air Force) and I personally am ex Air Traffic Control (assistant only) we tend to morph into 'spotters' for want of a better expression! Sad I know but I can't help myself.I won't mention the fact I have been strapped to the top of a 'Crunchie' ( now Utterly Butterly) old style bi plane on an open Air day- TWICE, they call it wing walking!!!   So having 2 boys who share our mental sadness for touching these things is great ( also it's like encouraging them to do something they shouldn't- which they love).

Anyway, we got there around 11ish and didn't leave until almost 6 (closing time) so we got our full quota of 'anorak spotting ' in and our youngest got one of there 'spot it' books to help us along.

It's reasonably priced as children under 16 go free so costs about the  £25 mark. If you bring a picnic like us your only expense after that is ice creams or cuppa's and possibly something from the shop , which again some of the toys are only around £3!

Be prepared for a very long walk to the last hangar which has all army stuff.

Thankfully there is a great mobility bus that will transport you all around if you have someone with you that needs it. And I was sooo in need of it by the end of the day!!

They also have some older aircraft taking off and landing throughout the day, which the kids loved watching as we scoffed our lunch. And my 'Apache helicopter' loving son was chuffed to bits to see one fly over as we waited for our transport back to the Visitor centre.

So all in all a great day had by all, they even managed not to argue too much during the day!!! So we will definitely be going back taking our anorak's and spotter's books.

And I won't mention the haunted Vulcan aircraft at one of my bases or the Tornado cockpit that my OH and partner in crime got stuck in before an International air day, or the fact I used to get winched out of helicopters on a daily basis to be abandoned and then rescued from cliff tops or life rafts!!!  The things they don't tell you in the small print when you join up!!!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Boys and their toys!

This week is the countdown to my eldest son's 13th birthday ( Saturday). It started with a Quasar party with his friends. Unfortunately one of the boys couldn't make it in the end so he kindly asked his Dad to fill in.

At first Dad was happy to oblige until he got there and saw that they were against a bunch of 10 year olds ( and he probably didn't want to look a bit sad). Luckily for him another independent group turned up, much larger boys around the 15/16 age group.Another dad was also taking part we then found out. The game was on!!!

In they went and I sat watching the scores fluctuate hoping that they were on the winning team, as my eldest doesn't tend to deal with losing very well!

When the time ticked over to zero they piled out checking their scores and a huge cheer erupted as they realised they had won. However they then get a rundown of the scores with a little 10 year old being 1st and my OH coming 3rd!! He was disgusted.................beaten by a 10 year old. Then the competitive streak kicked in and he was going to take no prisoners on the second game.

I did try to remind him that we were there for C's party and it shouldn't matter who wins as long as everyone has fun. That fell on deaf ears.

In they went, second game discussing tactics as they went. The clock ticked over to zero and once again they all piled out with a momentous cheer as the score ended up 790- -30!!! With sounds of disgruntled 10 year old shouting CHEAT CHEAT CHEAT!!

Oh God what had he done was my instant thought. But thankfully they were just too good for the younger group. Although there were stories of kids running into his gun, and him picking off the weakest as they went past- much to my son's delight as his team of mates had won both games.

I really don't know who's worse ( actually I do but don't want to admit it). And he showed no remorse as we went to the car passing one of the boys who had started crying with stories of cheating!!! I couldn't get into the car quick enough and the look I gave to my OH said it all.

Did he feel bad?  Did he hell!
Character building he called it.

I think there must be counselling for that sort of thing.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

It's official Summertime!

How do I know this I hear you ask?

Well today I managed to get my packed away from last year summer clothes out of hiding. I know it's disgraceful that I don't live in a big enough house to have an all year round walk in wardrobe..........the shame.

Also I didn't trust the weather to actually last as it has , I was playing clever so I didn't get caught out and be left freezing with only flip flops to wear. Believe me once they are packed away it's not easy to get to them back.

So my winter warmers have gone into hibernation for now and the 3/4 lengths are out!!
However I wasn't banking on my expanding waistband making them a bit of a squeeze to get into ( muffin tops are definitely more noticeable). This is not good news as I have already been tempted by the Easter choc's in the shops already and we have't made it to the Easter weekend yet.

Dilemma is:
Give up chocolate...............................are you f**king kidding me???????????
Or excercise....................with ME ( thats not lovely ME myself and I time pampering bits of body, that would be the medical ME -don't ask me to spell it just call it Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, it's easier) pretty much out of the question at the moment.

Guess it's option number 3.
A few charity clothes bags have come through the door this week so most of it will end up there!!
Not fun clothes shopping on a budget............but I can't resist the chocolate, it keeps me from the edge of insanity. Here's hoping my OH likes muffin tops in a range of designs!!!

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Barbeque or bust!

The sun is shining and after sitting in the garden and listening to the lawnmower's making gardens presentable and kids playing out in the back park, BLISS.

At last my hubby has uncovered and cleaned the garden furniture so we can sit outside comfortable instead of cramped alond the back door step!! Then unfortunately he had to go off to work ( believe me he was not impressed) but he managed to grab the BBQ out of the shed before he went, loving his priorities.

As the boys and I were chilling out in the sun we decided probably a great day for a BBQ. Ok Dad would miss out but I though the boys would love a go at cooking their own tea!!! They love doing things like that at Scouts and Cubs so they jumped at the chance. So up we got and toddled of to the shops to buy the last packet of manky rolls ( wholemeal to their disgust) and some burgers.

Great, all sorted. so we got back and went into full force uncovering the BBQ and get it all sorted. That was when we discovered the copious amounts of Penicillin growing both on the coals and the grill itself!!!!! Guess who was obviously really lazy last year and shoved it away without cleaning???

'Just give it a wash' was their problem.
'Are you will take nothing short of a bloody jet wash at the garage to get that clean!'  was my response. Although I did leave out the expletives obviously.

All is not lost.........................we have a George Foreman grill!!
Although not quite the same I can add the required amount  burnt bits and grass to make it authentic!!

And who said I wasn't  a 'Be prepared' girl scout.....

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Mum's the word

My little mummy is poorly today as I found out by phone call. Been sick for last 3 days with a virus and confined to bed unable to eat hardly anything.

She was due to visit her mum at the weekend which she now has to cancel.

What's the big deal? I hear you say.
Well mum lives in the south west of England and I live in the south east!! So can't exactly pop along to see if she is OK. My younger brother lives with her so I'm not too worried as he would make someone a great wife one of these days!!! So I know she will be well looked after.

Her mum however lives in Ireland and now she cannot fly over to see her for the week as planned.

So 3 different generations of mums all living in different parts of the UK does not bode well when there is any illness or God forbid an emergency. It's not exactly a 5 minute trip down the road!!

Often think it would be nice to all live at least in the same part of the country where visits could be more regular and spontaneous etc.

Hey ho it's not to be, so will phone in next day or two and see how she is ..................

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Bad hair day

Ok so I though with having 2 boys that I wouldn't have to worry about what they were wearing. I wouldn't have the tantrums over 'bad hair' days. I stupidly thought boys  would be much easier........short hair cut at the Barber's and jeans and a T-shirt.....sorted!


This morning I had an introduction as to what my youngest ( only 10 at the minute) is going to be like in his teenage years..........................I did not like it.

 I had decided to drive to school this morning ( yes LAZY I know, but give me a break I have ME/CFS) to which he spent the entire journey there looking in the mirror 'fixing' his hair. At the moment his hair is shorter than normal for a part in a play he is doing in early May. So I appreciate it's not his normal haircut, which is normally way too long and dishevelled. So trying to be nice I offered some help in fixing it, brushing it back slightly and straightening the mum's do.

Well you would have though I had asked him to go out and kiss the next random girl that passed the car.
HIM    Do you honestly think I'm going out like that? 
ME      I'm just trying to help
HIM     Well don't you make it worse that just looks awful, I'm not going to school like that!

So I decided to tactfully let him do it himself and look like an eejit, after all I wasn't going into school, I was going home. So he ruffled it all up again until it looked like a 'bowl cut' ( people of a certain age will remember those with dread) and I got out of the car.

I then waited about 4-5 minutes while he continued to sort out the mop until, in my most calmest voice ,NOT, I asked him to get out of the car and let's get going. Even as he was closing the door he was still looking in the side door mirror....................God help me!!!!

If this is him at 10 he will be a lucky boy to make it to 11!

Monday, 4 April 2011

Best friends forever??

My best friend is a lady I met around 13 years ago, when she interviewed me for a job and she would be my boss. From the day I started the job we became good mates, we always strived to have a good giggle every day at work as it was quite a stressful environment.

I became pregnant with my eldest son, who she is now godmother to. After I had my second son I gave up work, due mainly to the fact my then part time wages didn't cover the childcare fees!! She then fell pregnant with twins and also made the decision to give up work to be a stay at home mum. From that point we practically lived in each others pockets, never a cross word between us. She would come with the kids for a sleepover and end up staying for days. I'm sure my husband often wondered if he was the grand master of some Harem he hadn't realised he had created!!

When the kids all started school we were then restricted to getting together on weekends only were we would always drink far too much and stay up chatting until the early hours of the morning ( not a great idea when you have four kids up early the next morning), however that was sometimes the fun of it.

Now though with the kids all part of different clubs and my friend now separated from her partner things have changed in the fact we only see each other every 2 or 3 months. We don't talk on the phone but we do text several times over the week. But surprisingly when we get together as we did this weekend, it's as though we are still living in each others pockets. The kids all have a blast together as it's almost novelty factor, and we still drink far too much, gossip till there is no oxygen left and my OH is asleep on the sofa ( designated driver). So in fact no change at all. It's like putting on your favourite jumper or slippers and just feeling at home.

So even when the kids have flown the nest, I still think we will be drinking far too much and talking until there is no oxygen left, and my hubby will be still kipping on the sofa!! I just hope when she meets the right partner for her that he is a truly understanding man, as he won't get a word in and will have to assume the sleeping position on the other side of the sofa to my OH!!!

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Leibster award!

I am so proud of myself for 2 reasons. Firstly, I was nominated by the fantastic for a Leibster award, which is for the 'little' blogs with less than 300 subscribers in order to share the blog love and spread the word.Thank you so much to her for taking the time. Secondly, that I finally worked out how to pop in onto my page.......Ok you can stop laughing really I can still hear you! As you can tell I'm a complete technophobe but enough about that.

Anyway if you haven't already paid a visit then shame on you. Get over there and take a look it's fantastically funny and entertaining!

Ok so the rules of this Leibster blog goes like this:

1. Post displaying the award and then link back to the person who awarded you.

2. Choose your own blogs to nominate ( very difficult as I found a lot of them had been already awarded) and let them know they have been awarded.

3. Hope that everyone discovers some new favourite blogs to follow.

4. Spread the blog love.


Here are my nominees: a very down to earth blog from a mum of four kids from all age ranges. a funny blog with a great outlook on real life, love the profile too. an entertaining reality blog a great new blog for all those aspiring writer's within ( like me!)

So I hope you all get time to have a look at these blogs they are well worth the time.Keep sharing the blog love!

Friday, 1 April 2011


We've all had it at sometime.
Today was the turn of my oldest son. First of all it was ' I didn't sleep very well', then a little while later it was 'I have a headache'. After that it was ' I keep shaking' and when all else failed it was ' I don't think I've ever been this ill before'!

That was before I reminded him of his Flu at Christmas, which he was ill for about 2 weeks with several of those days spent in bed sleeping. Then I gave him what I considered to be helpful solutions, you know the common sense stuff that obviously only women know....

Try and eat some breakfast and have a drink....
Have some paracetamol in case you have a cold coming on...
Take some throat lozenges to school in case you develop a sore throat...

All of which were met by serious disdain as though I had just made him walk in some dog poo!!

I don't have very much patience with malingerers as you can tell. I've had ME for the past 2 years were a good day for me is feeling like I have Flu without the head cold and a bad day is spent in bed for hours on end unable to put one foot in front of the other. Throw in the constant muscle pain that is there everyday without fail and you get start to get the picture.All dealt with through gritted teeth and lovely pain relief.

So I decided to pull out the big guns and go for a bit of bribery.
'Well if you really don't feel well when you get home from school you will have to miss your youth club tonight'
The look on his face said it all............' I might feel better by then mum' was the reply.

I bloody knew it .....FRIDAY-ITIS!

MAN UP...............................maybe not quite the right phrase needed here.