Thursday, 28 April 2011

Surprise Surprise.

I generally hate surprises. It's the control freak inside me that makes me hate them really. If I don't know what's going on I tend to break out in a clod sweat and interrogate everyone around me! Just ask my OH when he actually managed to get me on a surprise trip to Venice for my birthday last year..............believe me when I say he's definitely not the most organised of men!!

But he did pull it off.

Yesterday I was rubbing my hands together in delight knowing that both my boys were back to school and that I could sleep off the exhaustion of the Easter hols ( that went beyond normal levels of M.E exhaustion). I know what a bad mother!

As I returned from the school run and got into bed my phone rang and I didn't answer it thinking it was something trivial. Then it went again and it was my husband telling me my older brother was on his way from Heathrow to my house as he missed his connecting flight. This would be the brother I haven't seen since last year at a family funeral and then at least 2 years before that, as he lives in USA.

So up I got and cleared up a little in preparation. Then soon after I picked him up at the train station.

So although I knew nothing of it initially it was a great day. A nice pub lunch and then chilling in the garden with a yummy dinner to follow. The boys had a great time catching up with him and his stories of their cousins that they don't get to see.

Then at 6am he went to get his flight. So surprises can be good.........................occasionally!

Here's to the next one, maybe....


  1. I would of gone into total panic mode, frantically cleaning and picking up after the kids.
    A lovely surprise though sounds like you all had a great catch up. Lets hope its not as long till the next time.

  2. I would of been the same as Dianne - panic mode trying to tidy up!!

    I'm ok with suprises but not with unexpected guests, much prefer to know when someone is going to turn up!! :)


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