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Hi, hope you enjoy my blog.

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For any company or PR's who would be interested in me reviewing a product, hosting a giveaway, writing a sponsored post, adding an affiliated link to my blog, or even attending an event please contact me on the email above and I would be happy to discuss any details with you.

* I would be interested in brands that are relevant to my family, a forty something mum and dad and 2 boys  aged 13 and 10.

* I will always make it clear on any of my posts when I am writing reviews and sponsored posts.

* Occasionally I will review products received in competitions on behalf of the company involved.

* All reviews and recommendations will be based on my own personal opinions of products and services.

* If I do a review I will do so 100% and include photos and links when appropriate.

* We will all be willing testers who are ready to try new products and give opinions.

* I will review with complete integrity.

Thank you

Tracy .