Friday, 29 April 2011

Billy No Mates

Ok this should be a big moment in history right?

A huge royal wedding with all the pomp and ceremony. I'm loving every minute watching it from the comfort of my own home. I only live a 30minute train ride away from central London and embarrassingly never went up for it ( after taking my youngest to London late yesterday for an audition last minute so my M.E body does not recover that quickly so going today was not an option).

I have 2 boys that I'm trying to get involved and explain the sense of history being made here and at least they should watch it for that reason.........but no!!!

I have one on his DS supposedly watching as well (I think not) and one upstairs watching The Goonies!!!! (yes Great film but surely there's a time and place)

So I'm billy no mates watching on my own..............................I need girls I think!!


  1. I watched it alone too :-(
    With Twitter for company...

  2. Feel your pain, as I have two boys who are completely uninterested - and probably a bit young to understand. Gave up completely and went out for the day. Watched it later myself with a cup of coffee and my sister-in-law for company x
    (This is Donna at Mummy Central by the way. For some reason when I sign in to your site, it recognises me as the blog's co-writer Elizabeth).

  3. Donna so glad I'm not alone with this as was beginning to feel like a bit of a saddo!!!!

  4. Aw...that's just boys for you! They would probably have distracted you by saying 'i'm bored' if they had watched it too.... did you enjoy it by the way?

  5. At least they let you watch it in (relative) peace! It's a girl thing...definitely!

    Ooh...what did your youngest audition for? I love all things show/musical/dance related!

    xx Jazzy

  6. Annie yes I loved it!

    Jazzy he went for an Argos thing some pics/video. Haven't heard anything so presume he's not what they are after!! But he's always up there foe something. He's in a prouction of Shadowlands (story of CS Lewis)this week locally so big dress rehearsal today. He has a better social life than me!! LOL


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