Saturday, 23 April 2011

A Triple Whammy day

1st of all Happy st Georges day. Although I'm Irish my hubby is English along with my 2 boys. We were trying to work out what typical English music to play and food to eat??? There is no way I'm contemplating a roast dinner in this heat!!

2nd of all it's my 17th wedding anniversary today ( I know I would have got less time for murder). So Happy Anniversary to my lovely ( but long suffering) hubby, you put up with a lot!!!
And a big thank you for my gorgeous 17 white roses.

3rd it would have been my dad's birthday today, he died in August 2002.

At the time when we were sorting dates to get married the 23rd was one of them and we thought it would be very fitting, getting married to an Englishman on St Georges Day and my Dad giving me away at the wedding on his birthday. So we went for it to make the day more special.
However, after he died the day has never been the same. Although being married for 17 years should really be something to celebrate, it's hard to be happy on a day that will be forever tinged with sadness. Although it will be 9 years this August when he died, and time should be a great healer, I feel it like it happened yesterday. I have never since the day he died watched my wedding video again. I can look at him still pictures but not on video, even to this day.

So today will be a mixture of things and normally I wouldn't bother going out or doing anything special. But this year we are at some friends for dinner and so I am forced to be sociable whether I feel like it or not. Roll on the glasses of chilled rose wine ........


  1. Firstly your flowers are lovely. What a gorgeous picture of them. We also got married on my dads birthday and he also died in 2002. I agree with you the day is always tinged with sadness. My dad died on 13th Feb which is a bad time to buy flowers as the florists put the price up for valentines day and friends have sent me flowers to let me know they thinking of me and the delivery person never fails to say happy valentines.

    Hope you have a great Easter Sunday.

    Dianne x

  2. Thanks dianne it's good to find someone who can understand my position, but I feel bad for your friends paying probably double the price for the flowers! however they must be true friends xx

  3. A day of mixed emotions, eh? Well, Happy is ok to celebrate it and remember your dad too:-) My dad passed away 10 years ago on the 26th. Which, as I've just realised is tomorrow.

    Just read your previous post... we're both the same, blog neglecting!! But...we're back now:-)

    xx Jazzy

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one doing a bit of neglecting....all will resume to normal once kids are back at school. One gone today and other starts tomorrow! Hope your day goes well though the 10 yr mark must be a hard 1 xx


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