Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Boys and their toys!

This week is the countdown to my eldest son's 13th birthday ( Saturday). It started with a Quasar party with his friends. Unfortunately one of the boys couldn't make it in the end so he kindly asked his Dad to fill in.

At first Dad was happy to oblige until he got there and saw that they were against a bunch of 10 year olds ( and he probably didn't want to look a bit sad). Luckily for him another independent group turned up, much larger boys around the 15/16 age group.Another dad was also taking part we then found out. The game was on!!!

In they went and I sat watching the scores fluctuate hoping that they were on the winning team, as my eldest doesn't tend to deal with losing very well!

When the time ticked over to zero they piled out checking their scores and a huge cheer erupted as they realised they had won. However they then get a rundown of the scores with a little 10 year old being 1st and my OH coming 3rd!! He was disgusted.................beaten by a 10 year old. Then the competitive streak kicked in and he was going to take no prisoners on the second game.

I did try to remind him that we were there for C's party and it shouldn't matter who wins as long as everyone has fun. That fell on deaf ears.

In they went, second game discussing tactics as they went. The clock ticked over to zero and once again they all piled out with a momentous cheer as the score ended up 790- -30!!! With sounds of disgruntled 10 year old shouting CHEAT CHEAT CHEAT!!

Oh God what had he done was my instant thought. But thankfully they were just too good for the younger group. Although there were stories of kids running into his gun, and him picking off the weakest as they went past- much to my son's delight as his team of mates had won both games.

I really don't know who's worse ( actually I do but don't want to admit it). And he showed no remorse as we went to the car passing one of the boys who had started crying with stories of cheating!!! I couldn't get into the car quick enough and the look I gave to my OH said it all.

Did he feel bad?  Did he hell!
Character building he called it.

I think there must be counselling for that sort of thing.


  1. Lol at your OH!! I do think that our kids need to learn to be good winners and losers though so maybe OH has something in his 'character building' approach ;-) x

  2. Ha ha, that's exactly the sort of thing that my oh would do - even at 3 my son isn't allowed to win at anything!

    Thank's for commenting on my blog, enjoying reading yours so far x

  3. Not sure he needs to be that harsh! Thanks for popping past x

  4. Yep. My hubby would have done the same. He says kids should be thought early on that you can't win everything...He even beats 8yr old at xbox if he gets a chance.

  5. Thank goodness I'm not on my own with this one xx


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