Friday, 15 April 2011

Chocks away....................Destination Duxford!

What a great day out. If you haven't been there and live close enough it's well worth it.
This is where we went yesterday and would have posted yesterday had I not needed to go straight to bed when I got home.These are the days that I am very thank full for having 2 boys and no girls (although girls will enjoy it too). My 2 love running around looking at the biggest 'boys toys' that you can get.

As both my OH and myself are ex forces ( Royal Air Force) and I personally am ex Air Traffic Control (assistant only) we tend to morph into 'spotters' for want of a better expression! Sad I know but I can't help myself.I won't mention the fact I have been strapped to the top of a 'Crunchie' ( now Utterly Butterly) old style bi plane on an open Air day- TWICE, they call it wing walking!!!   So having 2 boys who share our mental sadness for touching these things is great ( also it's like encouraging them to do something they shouldn't- which they love).

Anyway, we got there around 11ish and didn't leave until almost 6 (closing time) so we got our full quota of 'anorak spotting ' in and our youngest got one of there 'spot it' books to help us along.

It's reasonably priced as children under 16 go free so costs about the  £25 mark. If you bring a picnic like us your only expense after that is ice creams or cuppa's and possibly something from the shop , which again some of the toys are only around £3!

Be prepared for a very long walk to the last hangar which has all army stuff.

Thankfully there is a great mobility bus that will transport you all around if you have someone with you that needs it. And I was sooo in need of it by the end of the day!!

They also have some older aircraft taking off and landing throughout the day, which the kids loved watching as we scoffed our lunch. And my 'Apache helicopter' loving son was chuffed to bits to see one fly over as we waited for our transport back to the Visitor centre.

So all in all a great day had by all, they even managed not to argue too much during the day!!! So we will definitely be going back taking our anorak's and spotter's books.

And I won't mention the haunted Vulcan aircraft at one of my bases or the Tornado cockpit that my OH and partner in crime got stuck in before an International air day, or the fact I used to get winched out of helicopters on a daily basis to be abandoned and then rescued from cliff tops or life rafts!!!  The things they don't tell you in the small print when you join up!!!


  1. What a great day out! I have tagged you. Hope you don't mind x

  2. Hi Mum in meltdown, loved reading this post, what an adventure. Thanks for visiting I'll be here regularly too :)


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