Saturday, 28 May 2011

Really? You saw someone Famous?

Help me out here....Please!

My 10 yr old son went on a school trip to Chessington on Friday. The whole school went and it is a huge event for the school to organise and undertake. Last year they went to Legoland and it was a great success. My son has a great rapport with his teacher and the TA's in his class and he is considered a real 'character' ( I've worked out that means cheeky but charming enough to get away with it).

So off they went not to return until around 7pm that night. I knew a few of the parent helpers so had been given a few updates along the way, and knew he was having a great time.

So collection time came and off I went to wait with everyone at the school for their return. When I turned up there seemed to be a bit of a buzz about something that I couldn't quite work out what had happened. So when my son turned up he was so excited to tell me they had seen a famous person there!!!

Wow, I've got to admit at that time I was a bit gutted I hadn't gone with them.
' Who was it I asked eagerly?'

'Peter Andre' came the very excited reply along with the story of how he had been spotted, what he was wearing and that he had not only his kids with him but a camera crew as well ( obviously for his reality show).
 Actually I was informed that a few of the mum helpers had actually been more excited than their children!!!

Now this is where I need help.

Yes, I appreciate that it must have been great to see someone off the telly, but really.....FAMOUS??? would that be the right term to use?

Maybe it's just me but my knees didn't go weak and I wasn't all that impressed. I mean, say the word famous to me and I automatically think of iconic film stars, the Hollywood jet set and the like.

Don't get me wrong, I bet he's a really nice guy and it's great to hear that he was out having a day with his kids too, so definitely brownie points there. But not really quite enough to make my 40 year old gob to revert to it's infancy and start babbling and drooling.

I may not be conventional in my taste but say you mentioned Keifer Sutherland, for instance, not only strikingly gorgeous and a great actor but come on, as 24 fans would know what that man can fit into 24hrs without so much of a cuppa or a whiff of 'man flu' is no ones business!!!!

Another would be Gerard Butler, a real man's man, rugged and can still pull off the 'sandals and loin cloth' complete with dodgy beard and look handsome!!! YUM

Jack Nicholson in  his younger years, 'The Postman Always Rings Twice'.....................ENOUGH SAID.

Now those people are what I call 'famous' and gorgeous and would definitely have me babbling, incoherent and drooling ( and probably carried off in a straight jacket for my own protection and theirs!).

So, is it just me or do I need to get out more?????


  1. I think that it's just a sign of the times!!! These days 'famous' seems to relate to everyone who's ever been on TV rather than just genuine 'Stars'!!!! x

  2. Emma your definitely right! It did make me laugh though :)

  3. I'm with you... although I know my son would settle for Mr. Maker to be frank...!

  4. Oh I completely agree (with you and the comments so far)! Then again your son is slap-bang in Peter Andre's target audience ;-p

  5. Sparx and Venessa- your right definitely the age group but must make a mental note to re educate him!! :)

  6. Famous to be would be A list not Peter Andre (no offence as you say I'm sure he's a nice guy).

  7. WHO!! lol I agree with you but I have to admit my kids probably would of been busting a gut to tell me x

  8. I would love to meet Kiefer. x

  9. Dianne x- I know my son was so excited!

    mummymummymum- I'm definitely 1st in that queue LOL

    Mammy Dolittle- I know can you believe it!

  10. My husband is such a rubber-necker when he spots someone 'famous'. He gawps and says loudly,'look, isn't that XX". To counteract this embarrassing display of sychophancy, I always glance over nonchalantly and ask, 'who?' in a bored voice.

    Except when it was George Clooney. Oh yes, indeedy. July 2008. LAX. I'll never forget it. Is he really gay tho'?

    Carrie (

  11. Carrie: OMG George Clooney!!! Are you kidding??? Wouldn't care if he was gay ( and think he is!) Bloody gorgeous. YUM


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