Sunday, 8 May 2011

Terrorist Zero Tolerance Zone....

I'm not talking about the recent Bin Laden death, possibly not dead, conspiracy theory type thing...........NO I'm dealing with a terrorist more close to home!

Tilly the Terrorist ( as she has become known by the neighbours).

Please do not be fooled by the cuteness ( I know it's hard but stay focused here), she terrorises the neighbours 4 guinea pigs! She stalks and chases next door's 2 cats from their own garden so she can sun herself on their 'sun drenched' doorstep! She stalks the poor unsuspecting tortoise in the next door neighbours garden ( other side) and I often hear it scrabbling along the fence trying to hide in a safe place. The garden next to that has actually removed their bird table as she was eating all the bread they left out, while all the time we were feeling sorry for her as she wasn't eating her own food very well!!!!!


We have brought in our own 'Zero Tolerance' Anti Terrorist Squad......

This came in the form of my brother's cute but lunatic dog called Scully!!!!

She arrived Thursday ( as my mum and brother came to stay so they could see my youngest in his play) and Tilly scarpered never to be seen for the rest of the day.

She either retreated upstairs and wouldn't even come down for food or she disappeared outside and would not come back to the garden!!!!

Which only reinforces the old saying, which I firmly believe in.........



  1. hahahaha!
    way to go!
    PS>I've left way more comments than what actually appears, but those damn captcha things fuck me up!! i go to leave, thinking i've said my piece, and then that damn thing pops up and by then i've already hit the "x" button.
    just saying.
    this is the 2Nd time i'v lef this one.

  2. Oh this is so funny. LOVE IT

    Liska x

  3. Ha Ha nice one, how has the play gone? Has he enjoyed himself?

    Dianne x

  4. Thuginacoctaildress.....they catch me out all the bloody time!! went great and photo's will be on the Hayes Players website soon but I have a couple of him in costume to download and post x

  5. Oh brill will keep my eyes open.

  6. Hahaha brilliant! Scully is just TOO cute.

  7. Hilarious! Pussies don't like invasion of their territory?!! Now what's she going to do??


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