Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Break a leg........

That's what the 'luvvies' say in the theatre world isn't it?

Well for the last few months my youngest has been rehearsing for a local play ( 3 times a week) due to open tomorrow night until Saturday. It's the story of CS Lewis ( Narnia man) in his later years, when he meets and marries and American lady ( who dies in the end.........sorry to ruin it!) My son plays her son ' Douglas' ( complete with American accent).

This is his first 'proper' role in a full play not children based etc. He has done really well to fit in and be around adults without messing about too much. They all think he's funny, charming, adorable ( but what do they know!!!!), and love him to bits.

Tonight we had the last dress rehearsal before opening tomorrow, and as far as I can see he is not nervous at all. I think I will be more nervous for them all by the time the curtain goes up!!!

I  never really understood how much goes into putting on a production like this, and totally have a new found admiration for the people that not only act in the play but also all those who help in the back round ( costumes, set design, props, backstage organisation etc etc). I will never look mockingly at amateur dramatics societies again!!

I take my hat off to my 10 year old son who seems to take it all in his stride, but seems to pull off this acting malarkey very well. I think I would rather stick hot pins in my eyes than to put myself in front of an audience and try to 'entertain' them.

Not stopping at that, he has also received a call back from an audition he attended last week for an advertisement, which he has to attend in London tomorrow before his 'opening' night!!!!

I truly don't know how he does it, for me it's enough to bring on an episode of IBS!!!!!! (Yes I know too much information).

Anyway good luck to them all..........and break a leg! ( just not literally.......please)  


  1. How exciting! wish him good luck with the audition and opening night. I can feel an episode of IBS coming on for you.

    Hope you have front row seats.

  2. That is fantastic. What a wonderful experience for your son. Putting on a production is a HUGE undertaking by all involved. Including the parents for getting the children to their rehearsals ;-)I choreographed our local panto for the last 8 years so I know what it's like from all angles! It's not easy for a child being amongst the adult cast so well done him!

    Your tomorrow i this post is now today so... BREAK A LEG to all :-))


  3. No, not literally breaking the leg, I get it!
    Congrats, your boy has a gift. I can't even make eye contact in public.

  4. I really hope the first night went well for him and everyone else in the cast - I used to take part in musicals and absolutely loved it. It's really good for all kids to do things like this, fantastic for him :)

  5. Thanks all, he really had a great time and never put a foot wrong. I have no idea how he doesn't show any nerves most of the adults there were really nervous! I'm a very proud mummy x

  6. I'm back!! Well done him..you must be so proud. Watch out Hollywood there could be another child star in the making:) I'd love to be an actress or rather I'd love to win an Oscar.

  7. Thanks All he was fab in the end and really enjoyed it. Post a photos will follow onve I download them!! x

  8. Thanks for your comment on my blog - I have a daughter equally into her acting and I don't know how she does it! We're all excired because she is an extra in Pirates of the Caribbean (you will see the back of her head), but she would LOVE to do an advert!

  9. This is wonderful. So exciting.

    Theatre was the only thing I ever wanted to do in my life but thanks to a skeptical father who would not listen to my drama teacher, I had to get a 'proper job'. Yes a great deal of work goes on behind the scenes with every production and the actors could never do it without a dedicated backstage crew and production team.

    Well done!

  10. Carrie and bee's Blog thanks for visiting.
    Carrie wow Pirates of the caribbean hope she met JD!!! So jealous.

    Bee's blog that a shame for you if you really wanted to do it. I'm happy for him to do it if it's really what he wants....He loved doing the play so doesn't show signs of doing anything else.
    Check out my new post about it xx


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