Monday, 2 May 2011

Today is.................



I thought I would join in with this from Dairy of a frugal family and share my day. I'm on my lovely son's laptop which doesn't have access to my pictures so will have to do without as far too lazy to go and do this post from upstairs!!!

Our last day off school and normal routine, like many others I'm sure, was started off with a lay in!! Lovely it was too. Then we decided that because the sun was shining we would go to Shorne Park, Kent for the afternoon. I love it there.

What we didn't bank on was the gale force wind that went with the sunshine making it feel like sub zero temperatures!!!
Not to be put off we took the beach tent and managed to pitch it and all huddle inside to eat our picnic. We did manage to find a slightly shaded spot so it did actually feel warm in the tent area but step outside and you needed to be anchored down!!

Still we stuck it out and the boys enjoyed it and hopefully they are well worn out for a decent night's sleep before school and normal  routine tomorrow.                                          


  1. Aww it sounded like you had a lovely day! The British weather always likes to provide a bit of a challenge. Save me a sausage roll from your picnic won't you?!

  2. I would had they not all blown away!! :)

  3. lol we've been fooled by the wind before. Still sounds like you had a fad day anyway x x

    Thanks for joining in ;-)


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