Saturday, 4 June 2011

Hi De Hi Campers!

Yes I have been missing in action from my blog for a week to go camping down towards the south coast.

With our new tent packed and meeting friends there, it was hopefully going to be a whole different experience than our 1st attempt.......remember the horrendous weather last August? Yes, we were camping in it!!!!!

However, looking on the bright side it was going to be great. For a start we had fabulous weather, and my Factor 25 was used several times.

We set up camp and took over a whole corner of the field, marking our territory and claiming our space. We had all mucked in together as I struggle with any heavy lifting etc and after about 3 hours we were settled in and comfortable.
All the kids (3 boys and 1 girl) get on like a house on fire so they disappeared into the play park were they spent most of the time, if they weren't filling the water bottles, exchanging cooler ice packs or just buying sweets from the shop, making fires and sword fighting using frying pans as shields!!!

We also had a fab day trip to Battle to visit the site of the 1066 Battle of Hastings, well worth a visit as the kids had a great time learning about the battle and what used to be there. They were able to run around and climb in and out of the old buildings and on the battlefield itself.

This would be my son doing an impression of King Harold being shot in the eye on the actual battlefield!!

And then of course you have the obligatory visit to the beach!!

So what was different?

1. It was sunny and warm!

2. We went with friends

3.Instead of being huddled up inside by 7pm we were all sitting out (kids playing in park) and lots of alcohol was consumed!! Which makes looking at the stars fun :)

4. Drinking a cuppa in the morning whilst trying to find a seat in the shade!

5. The amount of room in our much bigger than the last one.

6. Having a toilet to use during the night ( I bloody hate having to wander down a long field to the toilet block in the middle of the night in the dark!)

7. No TV on or video games for 5 whole days for the boys, and they had a great time!

8. It was sunny and dry and warm..................have I mentioned that :)

Anyway enough said, so roll on August when we are booked to camp at an 80's festival in Henley!!! Hopefully with another camping trip in between!


  1. Sounds like a fab camping trip - we finally went camping again after a 2 year break (we felt the kids were a bit little) and I have to agree great weather, a few wines and no TV is a great recipe for success. Happy Camping.

  2. Definitely K, since we have been back it's all revolved around TV and playstation!!! So annoying x

  3. Looks and sounds FABULOUS! Boys OUTSIDE playing, fun & sun AND alcohol? Sure, you couldn't go wrong ;-)

    xx Jazzy

  4. I know jazzy seriously was fab! :)

  5. You're going to Rewind?! That'll be fab - I was offered free tix to that through work last year but I'd only just had Frog and didn't think camping and a newborn really complemented each other. I'm very jealous - it'll be brilliant! x

  6. mothersalwaysright- yes and can't wait. Never done it before but it sounded fab so we just went for it. Call it getting our own back on the kids dragging them to listen to our era of music! :)

  7. I am so pleased you have been away having fun, I was starting to get worried you were poorly. I was thinking about selling all our camping gear after a disaster trip to wales a couple of years ago but after reading about the fun you had I may attempt one more trip x

  8. Hi dianne x no not poorly although it has taken me 4 days so far to recover!! Loved it though and can't wait for next trip. Glad I've persuaded you otherwise too :)

  9. Awww, it looks fabulous (apart from the living in a tent bit). They kids look like they had a whale of a time and that picture of your son recreating Harold's injury made me laugh!


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