Friday, 13 May 2011

Kreative Blog Award!

                         Kreative Blog Award

I just noticed a day or two ago that the very lovely had awarded me  the Kreative Blog Award.
However, (and don't laugh) was late finding it due to my very limited knowledge of Twitter!! It was on @mentions...............Yes you can stop laughing now.

So apologies to workinglondonmummy for my complete technophobia!!!

Anyway, on with the business:

1. Link to 10 blogs

2. Tell blogger's about the word

3. Share 10 facts about yourself

So here goes with the facts:

1 I was a Qualified Driving instructor before stopping work.

2 I have never smoked.

3 I would have liked to have had a 3rd child.

4 I'm a secret Dolly Parton fan, apologies!! Anyway not so secret anymore.

5 I love to cook.

6 I still miss my Dad everyday, who died almost 9 years ago.

7 I need would love to have a tummy tuck!

8 I have M.E, diagnosed around 2 years ago, that affects my everyday life, makes me angry and mourn for the life I had.

9 I would love to be back at work and miss my job.

10 I would love to write a book, even better a bestseller!!

So now the blogs I'm going to nominate, not quite 10 but the others I wanted to nominate already had been, so her goes:

These are all fantastic blogs to read, and all individual in style so definitely worth a look and a follow.
Please check them all out.

Thank you :)


  1. lovely!! so funny that you only just found out but thanks for passing along x

  2. Sorry took so long but honestly technophobe is an understatement. Thanks again for nomination x

  3. Congratulations me dear! You really deserve it. I love your blog. But (whispers in ear) - should you be admitting the Dolly Parton thingy in public?!!

  4. Annie (Lady M) thank you so much, very kind. I had a feeling DP thing would be an embarassment!! I just can't help it :) sad I know x

  5. If I lived nearer would of had you teaching me to drive. Had a good laugh reading your list. Love your blog and do look forward to your new posts. Thank you for nominating me x I am going to try and do my post on it now x

  6. You give the best compliments lovely lady.
    Liska xx

  7. Looking forward to reading all of your posts ladies!
    Dianne we would hsve a gigle if nothing else teaching you to drive.....I sooo miss it x

  8. Whats happened my spelling???
    I meant ' have a giggle'!!!!


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