Tuesday, 10 May 2011

What a day!!!

Today got off to a normal start, kids off to school and me back to bed for a while ( due to cubs/scouts last night, my M.E body cannot cope).

OH woke me up later in the morning and when I was sorted I had list of things to get from shops, and packing to do as my youngest is going away on a 3 day school trip tomorrow!!!

However, that was as normal as it got. My phone rang and it was the Agency my youngest belongs to, asking me to sort paperwork for a 'Performance licence' for an audition and call back for an advert campaign!! This would be the one we thought wouldn't go ahead as we hadn't heard anything from last Wednesday!!! How wrong can you be.

So armed with all the paperwork, forms and letters from both school and Doctor I headed of to my local council offices to get the licence in process.

I was met by the most unfriendly, rude, jobsworth going!!!

' School letter won't do'! was the answer I got.
'When is it?' was the next question to which I didn't have an answer ( I know it will be possibly over sat/ Sun or Mon but not definite on which day).

OMG......you would have thought that I had just asked her to donate a kidney!!!!!!!

'I can't do nothing until I know the date. The agency should know by now!! Bloody useless' ....I was gobsmacked and believe me it takes a lot to shut me up!!

I offered to call the agency to which the reply was ' I haven't got time for that do you know how backed up I am with all of these'!!

Then she went to wander off.............' Excuse me.....do you want me to actually try and get another letter from the school or shall I not bother?' I said on the brink of thumping her, although I know violence isn't the answer, it would have made me feel better for sure.

So she relented and gave me her email as I offered to try and email a copy to her......I know too nice.

Off I went to the school and explained what I needed which was met by......' it won't be ready until tomorrow'. A 3 line letter to approve time off school when I already have a cover letter with overall permission from the school. So after a bit of pleading and explaining that the 'dragon' would need it today or she would have great delight turning down his application!!!

Eventually I had it and emailed it to her.............do you think I heard anything back????

DID I HELL......

In between times I'm getting calls to say he will have to go for a fitting in London on Friday after his trip and filming in Clacton with an overnight stop!!!!!

My god if after all this he doesn't get it I will need a large bottle of ice cold wine just to take the edge off the insanity!!!

In fact I don't think I can wait until then...........................what time is too early????


  1. I hope he gets it after all that. sounds stressful.

  2. See, this is why mine will only be at any agency once she is able to sort that out for herself. ;-)

  3. What a carry on, I am keeping my fingers crossed for you and sending you a large chilled glass of wine over the internet.

    Enjoy ;-) x

  4. Thanks peeps. They do warn you that there is a lot of short notice stuff, but blimey yesterday was just mad!! Still haven't heard yet but I know if he is wanted he needs to go for his fitting friday after coming home from his 3 day school trip!! Fun times LOL

  5. Metropolitan Mum...wish I had done the same!

    Dianne.. loving the thought of the wine, Ta :)

    Tracey...guess what he got it- Yeah :)


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