Tuesday, 17 May 2011

What do you mean there's no tooth fairy!!!

I love all the sneaky mystery behind things like the 'Tooth Fairy' ,'Santa' 'Birthdays', and even the ' Mum will kiss it and make it better'!!!!!

But my boys are older now, one a tween and one a teen!!! (Surely I can't be old enough)

Now although my oldest now knows there is no 'Father Christmas' or 'Tooth Fairy' he plays the game, not for him you understand but for me!! There comes a point when they no longer need these things but they become increasingly more important to you. ( I think it has something to do with DENIAL of my children getting older)

However, my youngest is not so helpful to his mothers cause. We have never as parents sat our boys down and blatantly told them that these wonderful people don't exist, they just find out by questioning what happens and putting logical thinking into place ( I mean, 1 man able to visit every child's house in 1 night and leave a gift!!! GET REAL they barely remember to get our gifts let alone anything else.....Xmas dinner, their parents pressies........NEED I GO ON?)

Anyway, I digress, My youngest will just do his best to get you to admit that all these things come from you.........Well I refuse to do it.

He lost a tooth 2 days ago and decided to put it in a small envelope with a message on it that read......

'Dear Tooth Fairy

Please may I have an extra £1 so I can afford to buy the Walkie Talkies that I want.'


1st of all, I have never risen the price of a tooth with the years or the inflation and don't intend to start now.

2nd of all, I know this reverse psychology crap as I have used it for years to get them to think that doing the things they don't want to do was their idea in the first place.

3rd Don't play me at my own game, and don't try and kid a kidder.........I have been there, seen it and done it, with the T shirt for proof!!!

Now with that said I truly think he's a chip of the old block and will go a long way. As the saying goes in my house when they try to have me over but fail miserably.........

10 out of 10 for trying!!! ( positive parenting and all that ) LOL


  1. LOL! That's hilarious!
    When someone told me there was no tooth fairy, I decided to find out for myself to see if my mom was really the one putting a dollar under my pillow.
    So when I woke up and found the dollar under my pillow, I hid it in my room. Then I proceeded to act upset when my mom came in, and told her that the tooth fairy didn't come. She looked very confused and told me to go back to sleep. And then came into my room and put another dollar under my pillow.
    That is how I figured it all out. And I am a little embarrassed I did that. I was such a bratty child.

  2. Very ingenious I like it.....hoping my 10 year old won't try it! :)

  3. I remember asking my aunt when I was sleeping at hers how much money she got off the tooth fairy when I saw her false teeth beside the bed (oh I was naive).

    I am fortunate my older children keep up the pretence for my 5 year old x

  4. Smart Kid!

    He is going to go far


  5. i like your boy's style.ever heard the saying
    'apples dont fall far from the tree!' lol

  6. sweet. I was wondering what the going rate for the tooth fairy was these days.... (my little one is only just growing them so I've a few years yet...!)

  7. hehehe...great post! Love the way your youngest thinks!

    Oh, I am SO with you on this. Iam NOT ready to give up Santa and the Tooth Fairy. My WiiBoy told me that the Tooth Fairy doesn't exist so I did my ggod parenting bit and... lied! He's 12 this Christmas and still believes in santa Claus. it's so sweet and innocent and I LOVE it. I know it can't continue though.... I may have to give in and *shock horror* tell the truth. Sigh....

    xx Jazzy

  8. scorpionmoonrose...I know it's been mentioned to me before!!! Worrying :)

    jazzygal...oh soo glad i'm not the only one putting my kids into early couselling-maybe we'll meet there LOL :)


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