Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Sunshine Award!


I have been awarded this lovely Sunshine Award from Dianne x over at    http://workingmumof4.blogspot.com  which if you haven't already paid her a visit then you must. She writes a lovely down to earth and honest blog about family and personal issues. 

Now apparently I have to tell you a few things about myself before I nominate others!

Here goes:

  1. I have become increasingly dependant on chocolate and wine as my children are getting older.
  2. I am a red head with long naturally curly hair.....hence no picture on my blog!!
  3. I am secretly in love with Jack Bauer from 24  LOL
  4. I sometimes suffer depression for what seems like no reason
  5. I would love to do something constructive with my life......but haven't worked out what yet!

Ok I think that will do, now for my list peeps that I will nominate for this Sunshine award.
In no particular order ( always wanted to say that!)

A true ray of sunshine herself!! Fab kids who always make me giggle at their antics ( just see her latest post on clothes shopping with them). And someone who has left me with 'homemade CSI kit' envy!!!

A lovely blog to read, and for keeping me company on twitter whilst we did not attend Cybermummy 11 !!!

A fab and honest blog about family life and the antics of her son that always bring a smile to my face ( 'I'm your venus' LOL), while at the same time raising awareness about Autism.

Over to you ladies, will be checking to see who you nominate!


  1. Always love reading your posts. Well deserved award x

    Dianne x

  2. Urgh...I have long curly hair too and it's the bane of my life! People with straight hair telling me that they are jealous makes me want to SCREAM!!!!!!

  3. Thanks Dianne x :)

    Emma- I know total bane of my life too, never sits the way I want it to either!! Anyone wanting permanent curly hair should be sectioned for their own sanity LOL

  4. jack Bauer....yummy!

  5. mummymummymum.com......I know-lovely :)

  6. Thanks for the award hon! I actually received this last year and passed it on. Lovely to recieve it again this year... thanks for thinking of me:-)

    As you know I've been on hols, just had a quick trawl through your posts! Must keep an eye out for that bouncing boy of yours on TV! And wharever cost cutting you do ALWAYS keep enough chsnge for a cheap bottle of plonk!!

    xx Jazzy


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