Sunday, 12 June 2011

1, 2, 3........18995..... Stamps that is!!

Yes you read it correctly 18, 995!

That would be how many stamps my teenager collected, with help from his scout group, as a fundraiser for London Air Ambulance. That an 40 empty ( almost) ink cartridges!!
This was just the 1st box!

I know this to be exact as we have just spent the afternoon counting them........yes this is the point that you have to feel sorry for me now please.
2nd box...God help me!!

It really was one of those jobs that we have actually put off for the past few weeks. But today there was no excuse we could use. My son's end of year tests were over, my OH was at work ( lucky bugger), and it was absolutely p**sing it down, so there was no chance of getting distracted outdoors!!

So we emptied the first box and just started. Me, my teenager and my 10 year old (bless them) just had to get on with it. We decided to count them into 10 piles of 10 and then that way it would be easy to do a tally count for each 100.........SIMPLES!

However we really didn't realise how long it was going to take. We started at around 3ish and the boys continued until they went to bed!! Then it was over to my OH and myself ( thank God he had come home by then).
As always the supervisor was watching!

We finished at around 1025pm........Hooray done at last.

Now we have to just arrange to get them up to the Air Ambulance. My son is hoping to be able to get a picture with the helicopter or maybe if he is lucky, he might even get to put his bum on the pilot's seat!!!


  1. Well done to your son, and you for helping to count them! I remember doing this when I was at school, and getting told off by mum for taking her unused stamps!

  2. wow that is a hell of a lot of stamps! Well done to your son :)

  3. Thanks Amanda he is really pleased with himself!

    lyndylou- thanks for popping past just found your site and love it, so will be following! Are you on twitter too? what's you twitter name? x

  4. Oh WOW! well done your son!Thats incredibly to collect and to sort out as well X

  5. Well done to your son for collecting and to you for counting. x I love the way the cat has appeared for a nose x


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