Friday, 24 June 2011

Cybermummy11?........I wish!

Here I am sitting on Friday evening before the event of the year takes place at Cybermummy 11 tomorrow!

Now I know I'm not the only one missing out as have been tweeting with
who all assure me they are not there either ( unless it's some weird and cruel joke they are playing- which I'm sure they are far too nice to do)!

Not a big deal I can hear you say, there are lots of people not able to go for one reason and another. My reason would be money, at the time I could not justify paying the money for the ticket as I am currently off work and skint enough as it is!!

So in true blogger style I then started to enter all the competitions people where running, but to no avail. Then when I got very desperate ( yes we all have our low points in life!) I decided to answer emails that had come through with tickets for sale.........I was fooling myself into thinking I would find the money from somewhere. However It was not to be as each one I answered had already been sold!!

So again, I find myself in the position of the sad many left out of this particular party. However, I didn't let the 'Green eyed monster' take control and I very graciously wished all the Cybermummy attendees a great time on twitter this morning.

I have followed their travels on the twitter sphere and realised that some people really have gone to a great deal of trouble to get there, travelling from far and wide. That was supposed to make me feel better but it didn't................................WHY?

Because I actually live a 25 minute train journey from London.........close enough to smell the Cybermummy 11 buzz ( so to speak). On the London/ Kent border so I wouldn't even have to stay the long as I was sober enough to catch the last train home!

So there it is, I'm slightly ashamed that I haven't managed to organise myself a ticket when all these lovely bloggers ,who I would love to meet, are travelling from so far.

So tonight I'm going to hope there is something great on telly whilst I have a yummy cold Koppaburg cider ( oh don't you worry I know how to live!) . But I will keep a check on twitter pals who are also at home as I drown my sorrows.......ok maybe more than a cider then LOL

And tomorrow when all those lovely peeps are twittering how fantastic Cybermummy 11 is I will kiss my lovely son ( actually not so lovely this week as he has managed to lose a new Ipod!  I know don't freak out on my behalf, I've already done that) as he and dad head off to Hyde Park to see one of his favourite bands- Bon Jovi in concert and know that my ( sorry my OH's) money was well spent on him and not a Cybermummy ticket!



  1. Sorry sweetie pie. Have a good day tomorrow. Lovely honest post and make sure you come next year.
    Lots of love, Liska xxx

  2. Liska...Ah thankyou and yes I will definitely be there next year! If you hear a cuffuffle outside the place you know I've turned up and tried to get it LOL

  3. Sympathies, I'm not going for the same reason, and well, I'm too new at blogging just now. Next year will rock, and we should start a Cybermummy 12 fund. Am still up for doing Silent Sunday, watch this space lol. Chin up - from One if The Others :0D xxx

  4. yes definitely doing the Silent sunday think and in favour of a cybermummy 12 fund!! LOL It will be us next year :)

  5. I'm not there either! I always figured those things were for the big time bloggers, which I certainly ain't! Maybe next year I could get my arse in gear!

  6. Hi amanda....that's what i thought initially and then saw others going that were pretty new too! Next year without a doubt :)

  7. Hello, just found you from Mummy Monkey Blog Horn... I'm here wishing I was at Cybermummy making new friends too! hopefully I'll meet you next year :) My eldest girl managed to lose Peppa Pig's teddy soft toy at Paultons Park today within 5 minutes of buying it new from the shop - d'oh!

  8. Hi steph thanks for popping past will definitely return the favour. It's so annoying when they do that!! I just can't afford to replace his Ipod though :(

  9. I didn't go either - my inconvenient child decided to be born 12 days past her due date meaning it was her 1st birthday weekend this weekend. Oh well, there's always next year!

  10. mothersalwaysright--timing eh? definitely next year, looking forward to it already x


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