Thursday, 10 March 2011

Post Pancake day!

In the past few days leading up to Shrove Tuesday I have been completely 'pancaked' out.
In fact, with that in mind and all the 'giving up for Lent' talk I've decided to give up pancakes for Lent, as it should take at least that amount of time before the mere mention of the word 'pancake' does not immediately make me nauseous!!
How do the kids do it?
My boys have made pancakes every day since last Saturday and twice on Tuesday itself ( breakfast and after dinner). Yet if I was to suggest making some today they would jump at the chance!! Possibly something to do with the copious amounts of sugar they throw on top.Why is it we can have them any day of the year ( bit like Christmas dinner's)  but we wait to overindulge for a few days running up to Shrove Tuesday?

YUK..........visual thought and nausea rising
must go


  1. Mmm, I love pancakes! Sorry - did I just make you feel queasy again?

  2. Taking each day as it's all under control- deep breath- honest.


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