Friday, 11 March 2011

Injury Day

I have 2 boys aged 10 and 12 so needless to say I'm used to a few accidents. We've had the obligatory black eyes, cut knees, grazed heads, bruises, sprains and broken bones along the way, but generally speaking it tends to only be one child at a time.......until yesterday.

When I went to pick up my youngest from school he took great delight in telling me that he'd had the ' biggest nose bleed ever' and his blood stained school shirt could have told the story by itself. However the story goes on to say he had been 'stacked' ( or tripped over to you and me) in the quiet area of the playground and managed to expertly land his nose directly on the corner seat of a lovely green picnic bench! And in pure showing off mode he pointed out the huge blood stains (partly washed away) he had left on the playground - must be a boy thing. He had a fantastic bruise on the side of his nose and I'm very sure some black eyes will follow.

Ok he seemed fine and even quite proud of himself so I decided just to monitor him for the normal headaches and nausea etc that would cause more concern.

On my return home I then got the story of my oldest son who had managed to sew through his finger and nail with a school sewing machine!! However, he was more disgruntled that his teacher seemed more concerned about the broken needle on the machine than the fact he almost passed out. On top of that his French teacher was not impressed he couldn't write in class due to his so called injury.

But again I checked it out and it looks ok and hopefully will heal over in a few days unless we end up in A&E with an infection ( I have banned the picking of noses and any hands down trousers to be on the safe side).

What amazes me is that neither of the schools saw fit to phone or inform me in any way in the event that any of them had to go to hospital! Yet  if either of the boys had mentioned a mere tummy ache there would have been a full scale alert and they would have had to go home immediately!!!!

Priorities?  Sorry can't answer that one.........


  1. Having 2 accident prone boys myself I know exactly what you mean. I found it a bit frustrating when I discovered a head injury note in my 5 year old little girls book bag 2 days after the incident!! I think a phone call from the school may of been more appropriate.

  2. My sentiments exactly. I did in the end ring the school as I found out the next day a girl from his year had been sent home with tummy ache and a boy had gone after being hit in the face with a football!!!! Hopefully next time there will be a call... but who knows.

  3. OMG! Those kids really have unique traits when it comes to dealing with injuries, huh? You must've been so worried as a mom. Tsk tsk. I guess your sons just wanted to tell you everything directly, that's why both schools didn't inform you. Their accidents were really unusual, though. An aching tummy would probably be more noticeable.

    --Stephen Schaunt


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