Monday, 14 March 2011

I hate Mondays!

I know , I know ,doesn't everyone?

Not for the fact it's another week of war zone scenes just trying to get the kids out to school. Or the mundane ritual of packed lunches, swim kits, PE kits and homework's on certain days. Or even the impending doom of the extra curricular kids clubs they need chauffeured to, for me that's 1 cubs/ scouts, 1 dance class, 1 drama class and 1 youth club, not to mention rehearsals 3 times a week for a local play my youngest is in ( a true wannabee thespian).
I'm not even going to take into account the normal levels of washing/ ironing, or the fact that my house looks as though I have several unwanted lodgers, or that my gorgeous little kitty needs her nails clipped at the vets before she manages to rip someones eye out! And don't get me started on the food shop.....we are living off fresh air at the moment until I get there!

No, it's more that I now have a whole 5 days to wait until my lovely Saturday morning lay in...................
SELFISH? ...........yes definitely!
JUSTIFIED?........ Oh I think so....


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