Monday, 28 March 2011

'Do gooders' welcome to the real world!

I'm sick to death of listening to 'do gooder's' whinging on about how either the Police aren't doing their jobs properly or that they are too heavy handed ( normally the latter). I live on the borders of Kent and London and so watched endless news reports and listened to subsequent radio discussions of the events of the huge march/ protest that took place in London on Saturday. I'm in full support of the reasons behind the protests and feel that the government may literally be on the brink of taxing the fresh air that we breathe ( as let's face it the isn't much left to tax or cut spending on)!

However, I'm here to defend the actions of the Police. Some have said was there enough officers in attendance? Get real there were approximately 4500 on duty for the protest ( which is more officers than some county forces have in total)!!

These officers ( my OH included) were on duty from 7am Saturday morning. My OH did not return home until 3.30am Sunday morning!! He had no break or food from midday on Saturday!! He was in normal uniform ( no protection whatsoever- except his Met vest under his jumper). His high visibility jacket is made from flammable material ( which comes in handy when 'break away' protesters are throwing flammable objects towards you).

Unable to intervene 'break away protesters' all dressed in black with either hoodies or balaclavas were able to cause damage to shops whilst Police officers ( with no protection) had to intervene and try and keep control!!

This all watched by my son's who I had taken to the barbers for a haircut, and they managed to watch all of it as we were waiting and left to answer questions such as:
Is Dad in that street?
How close to that street would Dad be?
Are those people going towards where Dad is?

.......................You get the picture.

My husband fully supports the cause of the protest as their jobs are also under scrutiny and said that the main march had been family orientated and well organised, and yet apparently 57 officers were hurt that day. When are the police ever going to be praised for doing a good job under sometimes very difficult and potentially volatile circumstances.

Both my two boys and myself were relieved to find he wasn't involved in the 'scuffle' that had been reported.
That was how he spent what should have been one of his 'off duty' days!! And no he wasn't paid extortionate amounts of overtime either- normal time only even after his original 8hr shift should have finished.

So ' do googers' get real would you like to be confronted with a black clad mob wielding light bulbs filled with ammonia, sticks, paint bombs, flares and fireworks, with only your handbag and mobile phone for protection??

Rant over.............................normal service will resume!!!


  1. Excellent rant. And much respect to your OH. Glad he came home safely.

  2. Thank you I feel sooo much better for it!! Thanks for popping by I just found your blogs and will now be following with interest as my 12 yr old son has mild traits of Aspergers.

  3. Excellent post. I'm so glad your husband wasn't involved in the awful scenes we saw on the News. I'm following you :)

  4. What a super rant! So glad that your husband wasn't part of the scuffle and your two boys weren't too upset by the goings on.

    Love your blog!

  5. Thanks for the comments and following, appreciate it
    T x


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