Saturday, 26 March 2011

Forgive me for I have sinned!


I feel ashamed to admit it but I have sinned. I have broken my pledge to embarrass my kids whenever the opportunity arises and I truly feel remorse!!

My youngest is a true thespian and will be acting in a local 'am dram' production of  Shadowlands ( story of CS Lewis) in May, and he attends rehearsals 3 times a week at the moment.

 Last night the lady playing a lead role had not yet turned up,and as the director looked around her gaze fell upon me and she casually asked would I like to read in for her!!

Well I thought to myself this could be my big moment, I could discover a talent I didn't know I had, I could do this and they might think I'm fab and ask me to stay and take the role! I was thinking Oscars ( or probably Razzies!) working with the big names.......Hollywood here I come.

That was until I glanced around excitedly towards my son who's look said it all!!!! If eyes could talk he was shouting ' OMG DON'T YOU BLOODY DARE OR I WILL KILL YOU'!! ( or words to that affect as he is only 10 but give him time).

So I relented on my pledge and quietly declined the invitation, much to his relief.

I must not give in so easily........I must stay resilient to my cause...........I will be stronger next time......!!!


  1. Ha Ha. Your post made me laugh I would be thinking the exact same thing fact I probably would have pictured myself holding the Oscar on stage waiting for quite so I could begin my thank you speech! The things we do or not do for our kids:)

  2. phew what a relief for your son! so who stood in then?!

  3. A man who plays another character!!! Just wasn't the same :) But my moment has gone!


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