Friday, 15 July 2011

That was the week that was...........

............exhausting but brilliant.

From last Saturday I feel as though I haven't stopped. Don't get me wrong most of you will read this and think 'Man Up ' however as an M.E sufferer it's been a long haul ( like running the marathon).

It started Saturday with a trip up London with 5 other girls to celebrate a friends 40th birthday. We had decided to keep what we were doing a secret from her so that she had no idea on the day. For a few months before lots of emails had been flung around wondering what we could do. It all started with a spa weekend or Glamping which we couldn't get organised ( dates/ childcare/ travel etc). Then we decided to go up town so our options were show, dinner, London Eye, boat trip, etc etc.

In the end we went with a Rib Ride along the Thames and then a posh lunch! A Rib ride for those of you that don't know is a speedboat ride that starts of quite leisurely as all the touristy bits are pointed out to you, then turns into something from the latest James Bond film!! Actually as you pass Tower Bridge the speed increases and the James Bond music is played as you are thrown around the Thames as though some terrorist is in hot pursuit!!!

My friend loving it and her friend (nearest) not!!

Being 'Ladies that lunch' we had gone fairly dressed for the restaurant and so took the easy option of huge coats to keep us from getting wet and preserve the hairdo's!

I'm taking the pic and being the shortest the coat looked like a dress on me!!

NOTE TO SELF: having long curly hair on a speedboat ride does not bode well. GHD's could not have done a better job straightening it!!!!

Anyway, moving on. Then we popped to Covent garden for a wander and a beer, stalling before we went to the restaurant. Then we went the Christopher's where we were treated to champer's ( lots of it) and had a table arranged for lunch.

That's where it got messy!!!!!
3 bottles of champers............................check
2 bottles of rose......................................check
something containing tequila.................check ( not sure what it was called but bloody lovely!!!)

After these...........

It  went from this.........

To this!!!!!

Food was yummy too.

So inevitably Sunday was spent in bed ( not hungover surprisingly - I think my Tramadol worked wonders) absolutely exhausted.

Then came Monday......................My Birthday!!!

My OH had arranged to go to Windsor for the day while the kids where at school- GENIUS!
A friend did the school run and we set off early and were able to get there for the changing of the Guards.

I'm ex RAF so love the pomp and ceremony!!

Then we popped outside for a lovely pub lunch before heading back in to wander around the chapel and the Dolls House and Staterooms.

It's truly a beautiful place to visit and wouldn't be complete before sneaking up to the Guard for a quick picture before we left!

And no they really don't talk to you!!!!

Returning home we indulged in pizza ( kids choice) and birthday cake and pressies!!

Pink festival wellies for Rewind in August- fab!
Dolly Parton cd....sad I know but secretly I love her and going to see her at the O2 in September!

Oh and did I mention..........A BLACKBERRY!!!!!!!!

This is a huge deal for me as my old phone surely has earned it's place in the Science Museum!!!!
Seriously, I am sooooo happy.............Internet at my fingertips. I feel as though I've just been invited into the 'popular gang'.

Moving on and Tuesday was spent mainly in bed recovering.

Wednesday evening I had a meal out with some friends at a local Italian restaurant. Food was lovely again, and the southern comfort and then the wine just seemed to slip down too easily! It was great to catch up although we hear more about their lives than what's happening in ours- but that's another post altogether!

Thursday was spent mostly in bed but I did manage a catch up and a cuppa with a friend before school pick up.

Friday was my youngest son's sports day! So went back to bed in the morning and the attended in the afternoon. Luckily the weather stayed quite nice and as a dutiful mum I cheered him on ( much to his embarrassment) and took lots of pictures too.

Now I feel as though no part of my body is connected to my brain.........or in fact if I have a brain as stringing words and sentences together has become a full time job!!! One I'm not doing very well at and will possibly be sacked at any given moment.

So tonight we are having a Harry Potter night watching the 1st installment of the Deathly Hallows to get into the mood for going to see part 2 tomorrow!!!

Hopefully I will manage to stay awake- although I cannot guarantee it.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful, yet tiring week! Such a nice surprise for your friend, looks like you all had fun. I've never been to Windsor, shame on me I know!

    So envious of your Harry Potter night, and that your going to see part 2 tomorrow, hubster can't stand it, poop head that he is!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Amanda- my poop head gets no choice tomorrow!! It's 3 against 1 for harry Potter :)

  3. So we have a week in common apart from one thing: Happy Birthday :) Delighted that you had so much fun xx

  4. Happy Birthday and what a week!!

  5. Looking for Blue Sky and lyndylou......thanks I did have a fab time :)

  6. Oh my goodness that sounds like THE most amazing week you lucky thing! Happy belated birthday xx

  7. What a fabulous fun filled week! LOVE the photos..especially the one after the tequila whatsits!!

    I LOVE london too. I used to go every year, years ago. Shows, dance classes in Pineapple and shopping!!

    A very happy birthday to ya hon:-) You are an amazing lady to manage all you do ;-)

    xx Jazzy

  8. Happy Belated birthday, looks like you had an amazing week I bet you are exhausted, get plenty of rest now and get to know your new best friend Mrs Blackberry (something else we have in common).

    I love Windsor x

    Dianne x

  9. Sounds like a fab day! I love Dolly Parton too...shhhhhh

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    Thanks so much for linking up with Super Stalker Sunday hop. There are several wonderful blogs participating this week, you're certain to find a few new favorites!

    I look forward to reading more from you!

    Your Co-Host,
    Emily from Nap Time Is My Time

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  11. Emma jazzygal and dianne x- thanks for the b'day wishes I so had a fab time! So glad I'm not a loner on the Dolly Parton thing...thanks for the support LOL

    Emily- thanks for popping past I will take a look when I get a mo. Hope you enjoy reading! :)


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