Monday, 25 July 2011

Competition- HMS Belfast!

One of the great attractions in London, to do with children, is to visit the fantastic HMS Belfast. If you haven't been before it really is worth a visit. I have a great opportunity to go there this Thursday for the opening of the new 'Gun turret' on board. So that post will be coming at the weekend.

However, in the mean time they are running a great competition to win family tickets and a special tour on board HMS Belfast. The crew want everyone to have a blast, so they have decided to fire their guns for the winner! They don't do this very often so it will definitely be a rare treat for the winning family.

 To enter all you have to do is email to say you are interested, and then leave me a comment to say you have entered and include your favourite London attraction!!

Just to show you what you are missing take a look at this tour which will give an idea of what you will see
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  1. Once again... I wish I lived closer!! Looking forward to reading about your forthcoming visit :-)

    xx Jazzy

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  2. I think my girls would cry their eyes out if the guns fired! lol

    Enjoy tomorrow.

    Mich x

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