Thursday, 14 July 2011

Competition! 11+ Preparation Pack

I have a 10 year old son who, in September, will be sitting the 11+ test along with children of his age all around the country. It's a worrying time for both parents and children. If your primary school has indicated that your child may be capable of passing then it really could determine the rest of their school years. I have an older son who is at our local grammar school. It is a mixed school and my eldest son has settled in very well and made lots of new friends. He seems happy there and they are working them hard. My youngest really wants to go there, not just because his brother goes but he has been in and had a look and loves the drama department( regular followers will know he is a budding actor in the making!). We have also been told he has the potential to pass the 11+. There starts the worry, the will he/ won't he process. We want to prepare him without stressing him for the test. We helped our eldest progressively over the summer holidays to keep him in learning mode without pushing him to work everyday. Now we want to do the same for our youngest son. We wouldn't be normal parents if we didn't help our children fulfil their potential in whatever they do!!

So, if your in the same position this is definitely for you. A pack that contains all you need to help you as a parent understand the tests and also help to prepare your child.
This is a very easy competition to enter:

* Just leave a comment about your own 11+ dilemmas including the answer to the question at the bottom of the information.

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Give your children a head start when it comes to the 11+

Over the next few months, thousands of children across the country will be preparing to sit their 11+ exams.

To give your children that head start, GL Assessment, the company behind the official 11+ test papers that the majority of candidates will take, has a comprehensive pack of practice materials to support you and your children through the 11+ process.

The developers of the 11+ tests are offering children the chance to practise at home for the secondary school selection tests with their range of preparation materials that cover Maths, English, Non-Verbal Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning. The pack also includes the new Official Parents Guide to 11+ and the 11+ Explained series for Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning, which provide step-by-step guidance on how to tackle every question type successfully, advice on test technique, and tips and fun activities to ensure that children understand what is required of them in the real 11+ tests.

We are giving you the opportunity to win a comprehensive 11+ exam preparation pack which includes:

  • Official Parents’ Guide to the 11+
  • 11+ Explained – Non-Verbal Reasoning
  • 11+ Explained – Verbal Reasoning
  • The Official 11+ Practice Papers English Pack 2
  • The Official 11+ Practice Papers Maths Pack 2
  • The Official 11+ Practice Papers Non-Verbal Reasoning Pack 2
  • The Official 11+ Practice Papers Verbal Reasoning Pack 2
  • The Official 11+ Practice Papers Variety Pack 1
  • The Official 11+ Practice Papers Variety Pack 2
  • The Official 11+ Practice Papers Variety Pack 3
  • The Official 11+ Practice Papers Variety Pack 4

.....Just answer this simple question

Suggested question:

Which of these subjects is not part of the standard 11 + exams?
-       Maths
-       English
-       Art

Also available in WHSmith, Waterstones and all good bookshops

For more information visit

 Winner will be chosen at random and will receive the pack up to 28 days after their details have been passed on.


  1. Art! My daughter Jessica who is also 10 and studying for the 11+ in September (mock)is very excited at the prospect of the challenge but also accepts that if she trys her best and does not succeed, then she will attend the local college with her older sister and many friends who have left her school. I will be looking out for u. Let's keep posted. x

  2. It's Art.

    My daughter will be one of the ones sitting this a year early!

  3. I've liked you on FB and have sent a follow request on twitter @feefeegabor

    I know it's a year away but I'm panicking already!!

  4. Hi guys sorry for the late draw today on has been a bad ME day that has been spent mostly in bed. However my youngest son who is due to take his 11+ in september kindly helped by putting names in his cap and drawing the winner out!!
    So the winner is................Tracy Cazaly, congrats to you.

    all you need to do is pop me your full address and email to me wchich I will pass on today. Delivery will be up to 28 days but they have promised to post ASAP due to the nature of the pack.So either email me or DM me on twitter. Thanks

    Well done


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