Wednesday, 6 July 2011

FFS.....How much more??

Today I have just about had enough!

Today is not a good day!

I do not work because of illness. We have 2 weeks until my OH gets paid. To say that money is tight is an understatement of grand proportions!!!

In the last month alone we have had.........

Fathers day ( for both my OH and father in law)
Birthdays mum
                           my brother
                           2 x nephews
                           Father in Law  ( yes his b'day is a week after Fathers day!!!)
                           A good friends 40th birthday

Scouts Water Weekend x 2 at £35 each
Travel cost for Above weekend x 2 £10 each.

2 x new water shoes for above weekend!!
Scout summer camp £215
Deposit for Cubs panto tickets
Yearly 'Jabs' for cat!
Day up London for above mentioned friends 40th birthday- Rib ride on Thames booked and expensive posh lunch ( I do not begrudge it in any way but it has come at a bad time)

That's over and above our normal living expenses which are already severely budgeted for........

We do not eat out
We do not buy clothes unless necessary ( my outfit- dress for friends 40th came from good old Asda!!)
We do not have take aways

It will be my birthday on Monday and have told my OH not to buy anything and that I would be happy to have the above mentioned dress as a pressie from the kids! And I mean it.....but I'm not sure he has stuck to it!!!! Which is lovely but will make me mad as we cannot spare a penny!

Now that is depressing enough, wouldn't you say? But I'm quite sure I am not the only person at the moment in that position!! I do not believe in having a credit card either as you actually have to pay it whats the point!!!!


When I tried to phone my OH to let him know I had trouble getting through so had to phone his work number, which I never call. The reason I couldn't contact him??? HIS F**KING PHONE HAS BROKEN!!!

So please let me know I am not the only one in dire straits!!!
I am spitting feathers, with steam coming from my ears and in need of wine.....which I do not have and haven't got the money for anyway!!!!!! No chance of becoming an alcoholic anytime soon.

On the plus side I can totally vouch for the ' bowl of cereal and beans on toast' diet!! It works wonders LOL


  1. Wow, that is one shit month! What on earth are you going to do? Maybe you should sell some stuff on Ebay that you don't want. I do that when I am skint. I hope it gets better for you me dear.

  2. Annie...I know I was thinking of a kidney? You only need one of those I think!! Could be wrong :)

  3. Life really does suck at the moment. Fingers crossed it'll all start getting better soon. Hugs xx

  4. Emma- I know I have everything crossed! Could be worse i'm sure :)

  5. A friend at work and I were just chatting about this today. I am in a similar situation to you. I had just been paid when I went to sort my daughter in Leeds. After buying stuff there I came back to a letter from tax credits saying I had been over paid just short of 500 pound and I am not entitled to help with childcare costs any more. The school keep sending letters home for end of term stuff wanting money. I am like you we get by if we don't do things out of the norm but once we have to buy extra our money is gone. I have started selling stuff but soon you run out of stuff to sell.

    Here's hoping things get better.

    Sending you a hug and will have you top of my list if I win the lottery x

  6. Dianne- nice to know that someone else knows what its like as it can be very depressing at times! Hugs to you+ fingers crossed we both share the winning numbers to the lottery LOL xx


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