Thursday, 1 September 2011

Typical male 13!

I think it must just be in a male set of genes ( and I don't mean the denim type). I'm no worried that I have inadvertently reared 'another typical bloke' and he's only 13!!

Or it may just be the fact he has just soooo much still to learn ( like most blokes!).

Conversation went as follows:

Teen ......' hey mum they have one of those *nudge nudge* machines in the mens toilets'.

Me..........' oh yeah, which ones?' *cough* OMG what is he going to come out with now!

Teen........' You know those random ones : Condoms
                                                                    Tic Tacs

                  'I mean (he says laughing) how random is that!! Whats the point?'

Ahh bless a bloke he has a lot to learn!!!!!



  1. Hahaha!! Sounds like my guy! He said something similar the other day when he noticed the machines! The innocence of youth..long may it last!

    xx Jazzy

  2. Ahh the innocence, I love it. Mich x

  3. Jazzy & Michelle LOL I know it wont last too much longer!!


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