Thursday, 18 August 2011

Ready Steady camp!

Yes you read it! We are off again, tomorrow in fact. Now there's lots of festivals going on over the summer with great bands, brilliant music, lots of alcohol, playing how to find your tent at the end of the night etc, get the picture.

So when we heard this festival being talked about and advertised my OH and I looked at each other, a plan hatched and tickets were booked. Now being in our early 40's we are not hitting a mid life crisis and pretending we are younger than we are, or trying to be 'hip and down with the kids'!! So before you all get very impressed thinking we are heading to a Glastonbury style festival and that we must be really cool and laid back parents to be taking our kids off camping 'a la festival
style'............................we are not!

So although we may at some point over the weekend re live our youth, embarrass our kids with our dancing, and force them to wave luminous Glo sticks at any sad songs whist singing ( very out of tune) at the top of our voices..........................................we will not be cheering to any 'cool' bands of recent years!

Oh no, not this family. We will be heading to Henley, hoping for sunny dry weather. For a whole weekend we will be surrounded by luminous clothing, mullet wigs, legwarmers (and that's just me......only kidding!) as we will be at the REWIND festival. A full 2 days of 80's bands, beer in plastic glasses, people in our own age range who remember these bands and the words to their songs, and OK I might have to wave a few Glosticks!!

So wish me luck as Friday brings a long day of packing, unpacking, hawking everything to our pitch, erecting a very large and heavy tent (actually that will be OH and the boys), cooking dinner(that will definitely be my job) and then dragging our boys to the delights of the 'Silent Disco'!!!!!

I feel a nervous breakdown approaching very rapidly!! Or at least a body breakdown after a very bad M.E day today!!!!!!
So lots of coffee, berroca's and energy drinks I think.............................and that's before the Saturday and Sunday of fab 80's music!!!!!

I sooooo cannot warned it could will get messy.


  1. That sounds like a great festival!! Are you going to post a review? Please do, with photos! x

  2. ooh... that sounds brill!! I LOVE 80's music, I'd never get my two to go to anything like that ! Enjoy:-)

    xx jazzy

  3. Melksham Mum......yes was great, now exhausted and will definitely review and post pics!! :)

    jazzygal.....OMG it was fab!! even the boys loved it which is good news as we might book next year! :)


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