Sunday, 9 October 2011

I'm going through a change...........

Yes Mum in Meltdown is going to be changing soon! I have decided that I love this blogging malarkey and reading all of yours too. But now I want to move from my beginners Blogger account to a properly owned site..............wish me luck I am a complete technophobe. This could all go horribly wrong! But I'm hoping it's not going to be as bad as I'm expecting.

This has all come about after getting a bit of a kick up the backside after joining the Become a Mumpreneur course run by the lovely@erica and @antoniachitty .  I have been off work through illness now for over 2 years and I am desperate to get back on my feet and hopefully start earning something- however small!

The first monetary challenge was to earn £20 for the month. So along with my eldest son we cleared out some old toys/books etc and decided to do a car boot sale!!

So yesterday morning we headed of to set up and hopefully turn some of our items into hard cash!!

We didn't have a massive amount to sell but we were hoping to break the £20 goal. the day went well and we sold around £48 worth of stuff!! We were very impressed as we didn't really stay there long and the boot sale itself wasn't that big. So taking off our entry fee of £12 we cleared £35.80!!!

So my eldest was pleased as he cleared his debt's ( a lost Ipod touch that was only 8 weeks old!!) and I was chuffed as when he gave the money to me I had exceeded my £20 monthly challenge.

So this has got me thinking towards next months challenge. I have always loved to make handmade gifts at Christmas, (hot chocolate cones, hampers, cookies etc) so with that in mind I have decided to have a table at the school Christmas fair ( hopefully) to sell some of these items(again hopefully!).

My £35 will go towards stuff I need initially to make the items ( which I will take pics of and probably post on here). At the moment I am feeling confident that the items are sell able.................however when I am standing in that sale I'm sure my confidence will disappear!!

Wish me luck..............................................both for the new look blog ( please come and follow me when I change) and for next month's sale!!!


  1. Hey, well done. Is the Become a Mumpreneur course good? I've been thinking of doing one of their courses for a while. I'm making knitted neck warmers for my Christmas pennies - there's a pattern on my blog good luck with your Christmas stuff ;-) Fiona

  2. hi Fiona- thanks yes they really fill you with an 'I can do it' feeling!! There is a free one you can do intitially, take a look. I will pop over and take a look at your pattern sounds a good idea, I will post some pics on here once i start making my gifts!! :)

  3. Let me know how the changes go, if it's hard etc etc. I'm such a luddite I wouldn't know how to start (even my own now!) but if I end up in the land of crap job, I may start a new blog! I'm so impressed with what's out there! Good luck mamma! And with all your money making schemes. They sound totally do-able!! Thanks!

  4. Bloody brilliant! Good on you chick. I am all for entrepreneurialism, and you have made a great start. It's all about creative thinking and you seem to have it by the shedloads. Looking forward to reading about your ongoing ventures ;-)

  5. Hey ! What a fab outcome - I'm all for making a bit of cash. Why are you looking for a new host? I started looking for a new host site, but then found I couldn't transfer all my previous posts :(

    I will keep following you and see where you end up!

    Mummy on the Edge

  6. Stigmum- thanks I'm a real technophobe so here's hoping it all goes ok!!

    Annie-I'm hoping my new found enthusiasm will last!! :)

    mummyontheedge- I'm waiting to hear from the new lot, will chase them today, they assured me there would be no probs changing it all over!! Fingers crossed :)

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